Henry S Wolfe: Ornamental floating apparatus. Gulf Coast Aqua Leisure, Irvin A Lavine, May 13, 1986: US04588618 (82 worldwide citation)

An ornamental floating apparatus for use in a swimming pool comprises a first buoyant body, preferably in the form of a water lily, and a second, nonbuoyant body, which is below the first body and supported by it so that it is stable, moving about a horizontal axis when the first body moves about a ...

Lindsey J Walker: Hair piece using decorative clip. Revlon Consumer Products Corporation, Julie Blackburn, March 26, 1996: US05501239 (79 worldwide citation)

A hair piece comprising a switch of hair attached at one end to a clip. The clip comprises a pair of jaws having a mutual pivotal connection. The jaws of the clip are provided which a spring which urges the jaws into engagement.


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An artificial tree has a central trunk, a number of main branches suspended from an upper portion of the trunk in a downwardly and outwardly inclined orientation, and a preformed tree top section extending upwardly from the upper portion of the trunk. Each main branch includes a number of sub-branch ...

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A scented artificial flower including a flower cup formed of petals, at least one stamen having a filament portion supporting an anther portion, said stamen being integral with an ovary portion, said integral stamen and ovary portion being formed of wick material, a supporting stem which may include ...

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An artificial turf-like product having a surface which exhibits game playing characteristics approaching those of natural turf is provided by interspersing a layer of non-compacting granular material comprising irregular angular particles having a size in the range from 6 to 100 U.S. screen mesh siz ...

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The invention relates to a ground covering in the form of an artificial turf material with lasting playing field marking lines. In accordance with the invention, the marking lines are formed by separately manufactured material strips and attached to the adjacent turf material using the elements of a ...

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Vertically draining synthetic turf having reduced abrasiveness and increased resilience compared to conventional synthetic turfs. The vertical draining system of the present invention prevents water from accumulating on the turf surface, which could cause the top-dressing layer to "float" and be mov ...

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A synthetic phosphorescent fiber having a sectional dimension of less than approximately 0.015 in. and a method of manufacturing the fiber. The fiber comprises a body portion made of a flexible and durable polymeric material which is at least partially translucent and a plurality of phosphorescent p ...

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An invertible decorative tree having sections that are each provided with complementary receiving and associating mechanisms. The sections include a stand, a trunk segment, at least one tree body and a tree top. Through the complementary relationships of the receiving and associating mechanisms, the ...