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The two-part surgical fastener is composed of an annular stapling part having projecting prongs and annular retaining board having an annular gap which receives the prongs. Barbs on the prongs serve to abutt against a retaining ring on the retaining part to maintain a fixed relationship between the ...

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A clamp for Laprosocopy tubing in surgical procedures. A folded, plastic frame, has a contact adhesive base for non-penetrating affixation to a sterile drape. The foam forms a top and a bottom plate, which are hinged in facing opposition; each contains opposing foam pads for holding, without crimpin ...

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An automatic document feeder having a quick release hinge assembly for attachment to a computer input device having a medium receiving surface and an associated aligned flat bed bezel with at least one receiving sleeves includes a plurality of interconnectable modular assemblies where one of the ass ...

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An article including at least one segment which is capable of being elastically shirred along at least a portion of its length subsequent to manufacture of the article, preferably by mechanical manipulation of a predetermined portion of the elastically shirrable segment. The predetermined mechanical ...

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A separable connector for strap ends has a tapered tongue guided in a socket member between guide ribs so that passages are formed outwardly of these ribs for deflectable tongues which lodge in slits of the socket member. The plug member of the connector or, more generally, a buckle for a strap end, ...

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A joint for joining two sheets of fabric incorporates a stiff rib formed with two parallel passageways and a slot providing lateral access to each passageway. Each sheet of fabric has one boundary edge enlarged in the form of a bead integral with the sheet. Each sheet is attached to the rib by engag ...

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A sock pair retention apparatus includes a resilient membrane which includes a plurality of resilient flap members formed within the membrane. The resilient flap members are oriented in a common plane when in a relaxed mode and are deformed out of the plane when in a sock-retention mode. When one or ...

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What is disclosed is a fabric holder to secure a plurality of fabrics together. The apparatus comprises two pieces, a male bottom piece and a female top piece which interlock to secure the fabric.

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A garment including an elastomeric composite laminate around one or more openings for the legs, arms, waist, neck, or the like of a wearer. The garment includes a substrate defining the one or more openings, and an elastomeric composite laminate attached to the substrate adjacent the one or more ope ...

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A method apparatus for installation for the continuous manufacture of articles of clothing constituted by a flexible non-elastic element on which is fixed locally at least one stretched elastic element adapted to confer on the said non-elastic element the faculty of stretching, the elastic element b ...