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Feminine undergarments, particularly brassieres and other body shaping garments that are fabricated using a multi-layered fabric laminate that is formed by gluing multiple fabric layers together, preferably to permit body shaping garments to be substantially fabricated from a single main piece of ma ...

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A newly developed breast prosthesis overcomes the tightness and contracture of the fibrous capsule which forms around the existing prostheses. This prosthesis is constructed with an outer temporary component and an inner permanent component. The inner component is a fluid- or gel-filled container or ...

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A cast elastomer gel implantable prosthesis for implantation in the human body. The cohesive cast gel prosthesis is formed for subcutaneous implantation and may be subsequently coated with a membrane-thin elastomer or a dissolvable envelope so that when it is implanted, it will retain its natural so ...

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A figure adjusting pad is capable of permitting a periphery of the pad to exhibit satisfactory shape retention without any independent core. The pad includes a silicone gel element formed therein with perforations and a stretchable fabric arranged for covering the silicone gel element and is trimmed ...

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An improved surgically implantable mammary prosthesis comprising an inflatable shell and a filling stem for said shell for introduction of a filling fluid to inflate the shell. At the point of introduction of the stem into the shell, there is provided a capsule of sealing gel through which the stem ...

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An implantable double walled tissue augmentation prosthesis consisting of a gel or liquid filled container within a liquid fillable container. A one-way flap valve is positioned within the wall of the liquid fillable container so that liquid may be selectively added to that container for inflation. ...

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An hourglass shaped shock absorbent pad is held in a pocket of a girdle and is positioned to protect the pelvis and crotch of a human female wearer from shocks encountered in contact sports, gymnastics, and the like. The pad has enlarged triangular front and rear portions which are positioned over t ...

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A fabric laminate is disclosed which is formed of stretch fabrics laminated together by an integrally formed adhesive web having differential stretch characteristics. One or both of the stretch fabrics may include elastomeric yarn. The adhesive web is placed within the laminate with its primary elon ...

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A mammary prosthesis or orthopedic pad includes a flexible shell formed of silicone rubber. The shell is filled with a silicone gel, the specific gravity of which is reduced by a dispersion of glass or epoxy microspheres.