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Absorptive devices, such as disposable diapers, presenting a dry surface feel to the user. The surface feel is obtained when the topsheet is a liquid impervious material provided with tapered capillaries of critical diameters and tapers, each capillary having a base in the plane of the topsheet and ...

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An article of manufacture is disclosed for absorbing liquids, particularly body exudates such as menstrual discharges. An apertured formed film topsheet having a layer of fibers affixed to the inner surface thereof overlays an intermediate layer having a multiplicity of tapered capillaries. The aper ...

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An absorbent article comprising, an absorbent pad assembly having an absorbent pad, and pockets for retaining a hydrocolloid material in association with the pad.


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An elasticized waist diaper in which a layer of elastic material is positioned in an opening in the waist area of a diaper. The elastic layer is located such that it forms a portion of the waist edge of the diaper. The elastic layer may be formed from the same piece of elastic material as is used fo ...

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A disposable absorbent pad such as a diaper, sanitary napkin, underpad, surgical dressing or wipe, and the like, is made from a flexible, body fluid-impermeable backing sheet, a layer of absorbent material on the backing sheet, and a soft, body fluid-permeable facing sheet which overlies the absorbe ...

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An improved diaper to allow fecal materials both solid and semi-solid to be retained away from the body. It includes a water impervious outer layer, a water retention or absorption intermediate layer and an inner or inside layer which is water pervious. The inner layer has an anal opening for waste ...

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A disposable absorbent article with a mechanical fastening system having adhesive tape disposal means so as to provide convenient disposal of the absorbent article. The mechanical fastening system preferably comprises a first tape tab having a first fastening element, a landing member comprising a s ...

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An absorbent article, such as a disposable diaper, is disclosed which includes a moisture permeable facing layer, a backing layer, and an absorbent layer disposed between said facing and backing layers and including at least one pocket containing a uniform admixture of discrete superabsorbent partic ...

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A disposable diaper includes a semi-rigid absorbent body and high flexible side flaps disposed on laterally opposite side thereof. Each of said side flaps includes a first flap disposed outside said absorbent body and a second flap diverged from said first side flap. Each of said second flaps has th ...