Brooks Johnny Lee, Roberts Donald Leroy, Simmons Jerry Scott, Morrison Carl Cristopher: Aerosol delivery articles utilizing electrical energy.. Reynolds Tobacco Co R, March 14, 1990: EP0358114-A2 (213 worldwide citation)

Aerosol delivery articles (10) employ an electrical resistance heating element (18) and an electrical power source (34) to provide an aerosol. The articles advantageously comprise a disposable portion (12) and a reusable controller (14). The disposable portion (12) normally includes a drug or flavor ...

Robert P Burruss Jr: Device for evaporation and inhalation of volatile compounds and medications. December 1, 1981: US04303083 (194 worldwide citation)

A device for inhaling a mixture of air and vaporized volatile compounds, but without combustion or thermal decomposition of the volatile compounds or of other non-volatile organic matter, as is the case in ordinary smoking methods. The device is intended to be hand-held in a manner similar to that o ...

Johnny L Brooks, Donald L Roberts, Jerry S Simmons: Flavor delivery articles utilizing electrical energy. R J Reynolds Tobacco Company, August 14, 1990: US04947875 (190 worldwide citation)

Flavor delivery articles employ an electrical resistance heating element and an electrical power source to provide a flavored aerosol. The articles advantageously comprise a disposable portion and a reusable controller. The disposable portion normally includes a flavor substance and an air permeable ...

Charles T Higgins, Wynn R Raymond, Francis M Sprinkel: Electrical smoking article using liquid tobacco flavor medium delivery system. Philip Morris Incorporated, Charles E B Glenn, James E Schardt, James T Moore, September 16, 1997: US05666977 (189 worldwide citation)

A smoking article and method is provided in which a liquid tobacco flavor generating system is used to deliver a liquid tobacco flavor medium to a heater to generate a predetermined quantity of tobacco flavor substance for delivery to a smoker. The article includes an electrical heating means, a tob ...

Manabu Takeuchi: Flavor-generating device. Japan Tobacco, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, December 5, 2000: US06155268 (186 worldwide citation)

A flavor-generating device includes a chamber having an air inlet port and a flavor inhalation port, and defining a gas passageway between the air inlet port and the inhalation port. A liquid container for storing a liquid flavor source is provided, and is maintained at substantially an atmospheric ...

Robert P Burruss: Noncombustion system for the utilization of tobacco and other smoking materials. John S Roberts Jr, February 27, 1979: US04141369 (176 worldwide citation)

An electrical device for the noncombustion utilization of tobacco and other smoking materials. The device consists of a canister or other appropriate container within which air is electrically heated to an appropriate temperature for volatilizing the desired components of smoking material previously ...

Stephen B Kessler, T David Marro: Vaporization of volatile materials. Bruce F Jacobs, August 1, 2000: US06095153 (174 worldwide citation)

Vaporization of volatile materials while avoiding combustion and denaturation of such material provide an alternative to combustion as means of volatilizing bioactive and flavor compounds to make such compounds available for inhalation without generating toxic or carcinogenic substances that are by- ...

Brian C Chard, Christopher R Bale, Beresford R Gill, David Herron, Stephen J Garrett: Smoking device. Larson and Taylor, July 18, 1989: US04848374 (166 worldwide citation)

A smoking device for releasing an aerosol into the mouth of a smoker comprises in combination, a chamber into which a mixture of air and a liquid aerosol precursor is introduced, a heat source surrounding the chamber, a first duct providing communication between the chamber and a smoker's mouth, whe ...

Grier S Fleischhauer, Patrick H Hayes, Constance H Morgan, Mohammad R Hajaligol, Michael L Watkins, Walter A Nichols, David E Sharpe, Mary E Counts: Heater for use in an electrical smoking system. Philip Morris Incorporated, James T Moore, James E Schardt, Charles E B Glenn, January 7, 1997: US05591368 (164 worldwide citation)

A provided heater comprises a supporting hub and a plurality of electrically resistive heater blades defining a receptacle to receive an inserted cigarette. Each blade comprises a first heater blade leg having a first end and a second end and extending at the first end from the supporting hub, a sec ...

Jerry T Pugh: Test device with means for storing and dispensing diagnostic strips. LifeScan, Susan Tall, Bozicevic Field & Francis, June 21, 2005: US06908008 (156 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a substantially moisture-proof, air-tight apparatus for both dispensing a plurality of diagnostic test strips and testing a biological fluid dispensed onto the strip. One strip may be advanced for use in testing using a single, translational movement.

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