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A beverage forming system includes an actuator and first and second portions that are movable relative to each other between open and closed positions. The first and second portions include a cartridge receiving portion to accept a cartridge for forming a beverage, e.g., a disposable single serve ca ...

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Food product pieces are formed with corrugations on opposite sides thereof wherein the corrugations formed on one side have a frequency in the range from 1.5 to 5 times the frequency of the corrugations formed on the other side. As a result, flavor and texture development can be controlled during la ...

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The invention relates to a process for the hard panning of chewable cores in a pan or drum wherein a syrup of a crystallizable sugar or polyol is intermittently sprayed over a bed of the cores and the cores are dried between sprayings with a flow of air. The speed and efficiency of the panning proce ...

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Spun sugar is collected in rotating collection pans from which it automatically feeds onto a conveyor belt which carries it through a compacting and sizing unit and then through a cutter and separator to provide spaced apart portions of sugar candy. The strands are pulled upwardly from the pans onto ...

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A process and screw in barrel apparatus (10) for expanding cellulosic materials is described. The expanded cellulosic material is useful as an animal feed and a nutrient source for fermentation processes.

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The invention is directed to production of particles for introduction into food using a stable microjet and a monodisperse aerosol formed when the microjet dissociates. A variety of devices and methods are disclosed which allow for the formation of a stream of a first fluid (e.g. a liquid) character ...

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The present invention presents a dual-textured pet food as well as a multi-orifice coextrusion apparatus and method for the use of the multi-orifice coextrusion apparatus for preparing the dual-textured pet food of the invention. The multi-orifice coextrusion apparatus of the present invention feeds ...

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A method of forming a printed food or baked product, and the product itself comprises forming a hard, non-porous icing surface by drying an icing mixture and printing one or more edible inks on the hard surface of the icing using a printing pad having an edible silicone oil therein. The icing may be ...

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There is provided an extrudable encapsulation matrix composition having improved loading capacity for oils, flavors, fragrances, agricultural chemicals, insecticides, drugs, etc. The matrix comprises a maltodextrin and hydrogen octenylbutanedioate amylodextrin or equivalent.