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Lower-.omega.-alkenoyloxy-long chain alkanoic anhydrides are synthesized from the .omega.-hydroxyalkanoic acids and are condensed with glycerophosphatidyl cholines to prepare alkenoyloxyalkanoic esters of glycerophosphatidyl cholines. These are used to make vesicles which are then polymerized in sit ...

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A method is described for the covalent attachment of linker groups to specific sites on antibody molecules directed against any desired target antigen (tumor, bacterial, fungal, viral, parasitic etc.). These linkers can be attached via amide or ester bonds to compounds for delivery which contain ava ...

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Collagen-based compositions for augmenting soft tissue, wound dressings, implants, injectable formulations or other drug delivery systems, comprising resorbable collagen matrix beads, the beads having an average pore size of from 50 to 350 microns, and the collagen comprising from 1 to 30% by volume ...

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There are disclosed processes for preparing biodegradable collagen-based matrices in sponge or sheet form wherein in one embodiment a collagen-based material including a collagen selected from the group consisting of types I, II and II collagens is freeze dried to form a collagen-based sponge which ...

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This invention relates to a biodegradable collagen matrix having a pore size and morphology which enhances the healing of a wound. It further relates to a process for preparing the matrix. One embodiment of the invention comprises a biodegradable matrix which comprises collagen, hyaluronic acid and ...

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One can impart outstanding resistance against collapse under pressure to gas-filled microvesicle used as contrast agents in ultrasonic echography by using as fillers gases whose solubility in water, expressed in liter of gas by liter of water under standard conditions, divided by the square root of ...

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The invention concerns a process for the dehydration of a colloidal dispersion of liposomes in an aqueous liquid medium, this process being aimed at extending the conservation of the liposomes and to enable their efficient use at a later date.

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The production and isolation of bone morphogenetic peptide agents displaying the osteoinductive and immunoreactive activity of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) and deriving from natural, synthetic or recombinant DNA sources, and said agents.