Franklin Kramer, Henderikus B Bruins, Joseph Giacone, Luc L Carbillet: Continuous chewing gum method. General Foods Corporation, Joseph T Harcarik, Thomas R Savoie, Daniel J Donovan, November 26, 1985: US04555407 (67 worldwide citation)

A method for continuously forming wide, thin chewing gum slabs suitable for forming sheets and bands ready for packaging in an automatic wrapping machine is disclosed. The method involves compounding a chewing gum paste; extruding the formed gum paste as a wide thin slab through a die mounted on the ...

Lichtneckert Stefan, Lundgren Claes, Ferno Ove: Chewable smoking substitute composition. Aktiebolaget Leo, Hueschen Gordon W, August 26, 1975: US3901248 (67 worldwide citation)

A chewable smoking substitute composition is disclosed which comprises about 15 to about 80 percent gum base and a nicotine cation exchange resin complex dispersed in the base. The cation exchange resin complex constitutes up to about 10% of the chewing gum composition and affords a nicotine release ...

Boudy Francois: Base gum concentrates with a high polymer content, process for their manufacture and their use in the manufacture of chewing gum. Gen Foods France, February 23, 1990: FR2635441-A1 (66 worldwide citation)

Process for the preparation of a base gum concentrate with a high polymer content, of the type comprising elastomers of high molecular weight, plasticisers and inorganic fillers. This process is characterised in that the elastomers of high molecular weight are ground into the form of particles, in t ...

Paul A Cimiluca: Candy base and liquid center hard candy made therefrom. Beecham, Jacobs & Jacobs, February 8, 1983: US04372942 (66 worldwide citation)

A candy base which comprises, before cooking, from about 35 to about 60%, by weight, sucrose, from about 55 to about 35%, by weight, corn syrup and from about 1 to about 10% by weight of a fluidizing agent selected from the group consisting of mannitol and a mixture of mannitol and sorbitol having a ...

Walter Hopkins, Dominick R Friello, Subraman R Cherukuri, Raymond L Roy, Donald A M Mackay: Chewing gum containing sugar substitute. Lawrence S Levinson, Burton Rodney, June 2, 1981: US04271197 (65 worldwide citation)

A chewing gum is provided which has improved softness and flexibility retention, and prolonged shelf life and contains as a plasticizer and sweetener a combination of a hydrogenated starch hydrolysate and sorbitol, and optionally, mannitol, glycerin, and/or gum arabic. The above chewing gum has been ...

Jack R Durst: Preparation of fat-containing beverages. The Pillsbury Company, James V Harmon, Michael D Ellwein, June 21, 1977: US04031261 (65 worldwide citation)

Fat-containing beverages such as shakes for frozen storage and thawing by reconstitution are prepared by vigorously mixing edible fat in liquid state with an edible hydrophilic film former and water while the film former is in saturated solution to encapsulate the fat with the film former and produc ...

Paul Kateman, Charles S Brunner: Method and apparatus for producing and dispensing an aerated and/or blended food product. Moobella, Cesari and McKenna, March 2, 2004: US06698228 (64 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for dispensing a frozen or partially frozen food product has a freezing surface with a central axis and periphery, a motor for rotating the freezing surface about that axis, a turret spaced above the freezing surface for depositing a selected amount of liquid product mix on the freezing su ...

Shichigoro Tezuka, Masaki Shibata: Chewing gum base and a combination of a chewing gum with fatty matter. Lotte, September 23, 1980: US04224345 (64 worldwide citation)

A chewing gum base consisting of about 18 to 40% by weight of rubber and about 82 to 60% by weight of basic materials of a chewing gum and a combination of this chewing gum base with ordinary chewing gum additives and fatty matter.

Subraman R Cherukuri, Gul Mansukhani: Food acid delivery systems containing polyvinyl acetate. Warner Lambert Company, Daniel A Scola Jr, June 5, 1990: US04931293 (63 worldwide citation)

A chewing gum composition having prolonged sourness, flavor and juciness duration through the incorporation of a delivery system comprising a food acid encapsulated in a low molecular weight polyvinyl acetate material.

Subraman R Cherukuri, Gul Mansukhani, Steven M Faust: Food acid delivery systems containing polyvinyl acetate. Warner Lambert Company, Daniel A Scola Jr, Craig M Bell, Richard S Bullitt, October 15, 1991: US05057328 (62 worldwide citation)

An improved food acid delivery system that effects a controlled release of the acid provides prolonged sourness, flavor and juiciness duration in chewing gums, pharmaceuticals and other confections. The food acid is encapsulated in a matrix comprised of an emulsifier and a polyvinyl acetate, the typ ...

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