Gary Robert Kelm, Gary Lee Manring: Pharmaceutical dosage form with multiple enteric polymer coatings for colonic delivery. The Procter & Gamble Company, John M Howell, Betty J Zea, Jacobus C Rasser, November 11, 1997: US05686105 (72 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition in a unit dosage form for peroral administration in a human or lower animal, having a gastrointestinal tract comprising a small intestine and a colon with a lumen therethrough having an inlet to the colon from the small intestine, compris ...

Curt D Jones: Method of preparing and storing a free flowing, frozen alimentary dairy product. King & Schickli, June 30, 1992: US05126156 (72 worldwide citation)

A method for preparing and storing a free-flowing, frozen alimentary dairy product includes the steps of preparing an alimentary composition for freezing and slowly dripping the composition into a freezing chamber. Next is rapidly freezing the dripping composition into small beads so as to minimize ...

Subraman R Cherukuri, Frank T Hriscisce, Kenneth P Bilka: Multi-layered chewing gum composition having different rates of flavor release. Warner Lambert Company, Daniel A Scola Jr, Craig M Bell, November 20, 1990: US04971806 (72 worldwide citation)

A multi-layered chewing gum composition is disclosed. The composition has a moisture content of less than about 1% by weight of the composition and contains at least two layers each comprising a chewing gum composition. The chewing gum compositions of each layer comprise gum base in an amount of abo ...

Bernard J Bahoshy, Robert E Klose: Fixation of APM in chewing gum. General Foods Corporation, Richard Kornutik, February 13, 1979: US04139639 (72 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a product and process in which L-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine methyl ester is fixed in gum Arabic and/or the reaction product of a compound containing a polyvalent metallic ion, with an ungelatinized starch acid-ester of a substituted dicarboxylic acid whereby the decomposition ...

Robert L Schuppan: Food product that maintains a flame. August 8, 2000: US06099877 (71 worldwide citation)

A food product that maintains a flame comprising an edible wick. The food product may be surrounded by an edible, meltable foodstuff. Also disclosed is a string-less wick, which may be used in an edible candle or a non-edible candle or serve as an edible or non-edible candle itself.

Marc Meyers: Chewing gum including agent containing edible film. Wm Wrigley Jr Company, Hill Steadman & Simpson, July 18, 1995: US05433960 (71 worldwide citation)

Improved chewing gums and methods for manufacturing same. A chewing gum is provided comprising an edible film having sufficient barrier properties to provide the chewing gum with increased moisture stability at ambient conditions than a chewing gum without the edible film, the edible film including ...

Stanton E Fisher: Unitized animal food system product. Sidney B Ring, Hyman F Glass, December 21, 1982: US04364925 (71 worldwide citation)

A simultaneously compacted, shaped, molded and unitized, self-contained, unit-integral, chew-resistant animal food system product containing animal food and structure-supporting fibers, preferably in a fibrous form, in an amount sufficient to make said product chew-resistant, self-contained and unit ...

George J Krubert: Printing of foods. Keebler Company, Lockwood Alex FitzGibbon & Cummings, March 25, 1986: US04578273 (70 worldwide citation)

A method of forming a printed food or baked product, and the product itself comprises forming a hard, non-porous icing surface by drying an icing mixture and printing one or more edible inks on the hard surface of the icing using a printing pad having an edible silicone oil therein. The icing may be ...

William J Storms: Pouches of ethylene/octene-1 copolymer film containing a flowable material. Du Pont Canada, June 4, 1985: US04521437 (70 worldwide citation)

Pouches containing a flowable material e.g. milk, ice cream, are made of a sealant film which is from about 50 to 100 parts by weight of a linear copolymer of ethylene and a C.sub.6 -C.sub.10 .alpha.-olefin, and from 0 to 50 parts by weight of at least one polymer selected from linear copolymer of e ...

Troy John P, Monti Anthony, Lynch Frank J, Broeg Charles B: Direct compression vehicles. SuCrest Corporation, December 14, 1971: US3627583 (70 worldwide citation)

Tablets are formed directly without granulation or slugging from a mixture of an active material, such as a therapeutic material, and as a direct compression vehicle, a dry, free-flowing, granular sugar composition comprising generally spherical, porous, firm agglomerates of 100 parts of solid sugar ...

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