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A two-stage process for the preparation of a chewing gum base utilizing solid elastomer is described wherein the solid elastomer is initially subjected to high intensity mixing under high shear conditions to masticate the solid until a substantially uniform, lump-free mass is obtained; followed by t ...

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A kitchen appliance which enables automatic preparation of desserts or other food products according to instructions pre-programmed into the appliance. Programmed preparation steps can include any desired sequence of heating, cooling, and mixing of ingredients placed in a detachable container of the ...

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A chewing gum composition comprising a gum base and an agglomerated sweetener delivery system capable of effecting a controlled release of core material comprising:

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A liquid or frozen yogurt is prepared by combining sources of fat and milk derived solids with a relatively undenatured whey protein concentrate to form a mixture having no more than 2 parts casein to 1 part whey protein. The source of whey protein concentrate has all casein coagulating enzyme inact ...

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1351761 Comestible products WILKINSON SWORD Ltd 26 Jan 1972 [4 Feb 1971] 3928/71 Heading A2B [Also in Divisions A4 A5 C2 C4 C5 C6] A comestible composition comprises an edible base, a flavourant or colourant and one or more novel p-methane-3-carboxamide of the formula: wherein R' is H or C 1-25 alip ...

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Apparatus for making 'candyfloss' comprising a rotatable trough into which sugar filaments are spun from a drum rotating at an angular speed higher than that of the trough whereby candyfloss can be wound on a stationary stick held in the trough. A pre-payment control device controls dispensing of th ...