Chivers Thomas E: Process for making candy floss. General Mills, January 26, 1971: US3557717 (88 worldwide citation)

Process for making candy floss from a cooked solution slurry or syrup, containing sugar and water, and if desired, other flavoring and/or coloring ingredients. Most of the moisture is removed from the solution by cooking the solution at a high temperature. A pressurized gaseous medium such as air, i ...

Hisayoshi Oiso, Norio Joyama, Kazuhiro Fujimoto, Kozo Okamoto: Fleecy confectionery producing machine. Meiji Seika Kaisha, Armstrong Nikaido Marmelstein & Kubovcik, July 2, 1985: US04526525 (87 worldwide citation)

A fleecy confectionery producing machine for extruding confectionery material into continuous viscous fibers which comprises a confectionery extruding mechanism including a rotary extruding cylindrical member having extruding through holes and a melting chamber and an integral cylindrical portion fo ...

Kalman Vadasz: Process for the preparation of sweetener containing product. Chimicasa, Richard P Crowley, October 6, 1981: US04293570 (87 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and process for the preparation of cryptocrystalline sweeteners, such as sorbitol, by the spraying of a heated, aqueous, low-viscosity, high-solids, sweetener solution, employing a cool, compressed, inert gas, through a nozzle into a fine spray and into a cooler atmosphere, to form very ...

Ira D Hill: Oral care composition coated gum. WhiteHill Oral Technologies, Ernest V Linek, January 10, 1995: US05380530 (86 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are several oral hygiene preparations including plaque disrupting and gingivitis control preparations in the form of chewing gums, wherein a chewing gum is coated with a plaque disrupting emulsion containing an ingestible surfactant and a polydimethyl siloxane emulsified therein, and where ...

Subraman R Cherukuri, Tommy K Chau, Krishna P Raman, Angel M Orama: Multiple encapsulated sweetener delivery system and method of preparation. Warner Lambert Co, Daniel A Scola Jr, January 1, 1991: US04981698 (86 worldwide citation)

A delivery system for one or more sweeteners offers enhanced up front sweetness intensity in combination with prolonged sweetness duration, and improved protection and stability of the active. The delivery system comprises a first high intensity sweetener encapsulated in a first core coating, and a ...

Rikiya Kuwahara, Akinaka Habuto, Hisayoshi Oiso: Process for producing chewing gum in the form of composite fibers. Meiji Seika Kaisha, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak and Seas, January 29, 1985: US04496592 (84 worldwide citation)

Chewing gum in the form of composite fibers is produced by fiberizing a sugar and/or a candy and a chewing gum base or composition through a fiberizing section, such as a rotating cylinder, of a candy floss making machine.

Dominick R Friello, Frank Witzel, K Warren Clark, Donald A M Mackay: Long-lasting chewing gum having good processibility and method. Life Savers, Lawrence S Levinson, Burton Rodney, June 17, 1980: US04208431 (84 worldwide citation)

A chewing gum which includes a water-soluble phase formed of aqueous softener, such as sorbitol syrup, and a first sweetener, such as sorbitol or sugar, in particulate form dispersed throughout the aqueous softener, and a relatively water-insoluble phase formed of a plurality of separate and distinc ...

Shoaf Myron D, Groesbeck Charles W, Cowart David G: Dry food products in spun filaments and method of making same. General Foods Corporation, October 26, 1971: US3615671 (84 worldwide citation)

A sugar mix containing at least 60 percent sucrose and a humectant is spun under controlled humidity. The spun sugar filaments are then compressed around dry, particulate food pieces such as a cereal or a beverage mix without affecting the solubility of the filaments. The products is packaged within ...

Ronald P D Amelia, John J Stroz, Rouben Kachikian: Gum base and chewing gum containing same. Nabisco Brands, R Kornutik, June 5, 1984: US04452820 (83 worldwide citation)

A single phase formulated homogeneous gum base which contains a plasticized elastomer and a plasticized resin without the necessity of ester gum. The base may optionally include softeners, waxes, fillers and/or emulsifier.

Frank Witzel, Wayne J Puglia, K Warren Clark, Donald A M Mackay: Chewing cum capable of releasing finely divided water-insoluble materials therefrom. Life Savers, Lawrence S Levinson, Burton Rodney, December 9, 1980: US04238475 (83 worldwide citation)

A chewing gum is provided which is capable of releasing into the oral cavity relatively large amounts of finely-divided water-insoluble therapeutic materials, which chewing gum includes a water-soluble phase formed of aqueous softener, and the finely divided therapeutic component to be released, sai ...

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