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The present invention pertains to a microencapsulated flavoring agent in the form of a spheroidal microcapsule which comprises a core and a coating layer over the core, wherein the microcapsule comprises (A) a core present in an amount up to about 90%, by weight of the microcapsule, which comprises ...

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The use of encapsulated salts to enhance flavor and sweetness characteristics of gum is disclosed. The gum of the present invention comprises gum base, a sweetening and bulking agent, a flavoring agent, and a salt encapsulated in a manner to delay its release from the gum composition during chewing. ...

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A refrigerated mixing and dispensing machine for the preparation of frozen dairy products and ice mixed beverages. The machine has a housing within which is mounted standard industrial units such as a compressor, condenser, evaporative coils and regulatory equipment. Also mounted in the housing is a ...

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A process is disclosed for producing a chocolate coated creamed wafer candy bar, wherein the coating layer does not crack or delaminate during normal storage. Wafer sheets are first baked and their moisture content is substantially increased. A layer of cream having a moisture content less than that ...

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A center-filled confectionery or chewing gum composition having an outer shell enclosing a cavity, and a sugarless, substantially non-aqueous semi-liquid center-fill within said cavity, said liquid center-fill comprising.

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Disclosed are methods for coating discrete food pieces with a sweet coating such as in the preparation of a presweetened ready-to-eat cereal. The coating contains a mixture of crystalline fructose and high fructose corn syrup. The amorphous fructose of the HFCS is converted in situ into the sweeter ...

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A light puffed or expanded food product which has a core filled with an edible pastelike or creamy material. The apparatus for making this product includes an extruder capable of developing high pressures and elevated temperatures in a mass of edible material such as corn meal to which water and veg ...

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This invention relates to a warming composition for food and drink or for oral care preparations which produces an excellent and long-lasting warming effect and causes no or little irritation to mucous membranes, a flavor composition for food and drink or for oral care preparations which comprises t ...

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A wax-free abhesive chewing gum is provided which uses a gum base devoid or substantially free of wax and elastomer plasticizer. The gum base includes about 20 to about 75 weight percent synthetic elastomer, about 4 to about 45 weight percent, filler, about 5 to about 55 weight percent gum base soft ...

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Dehydrated higher polyalcohol compositions such as dehydrated hydrogenated starch hydrolysates, dehydrated maltitol, dehydrated maltotriatol and the like are provided which include a concentrated protein extract to facilitate dehydration thereof. A method for dehydrating higher polyalcohols-concentr ...