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The sweetness stability of an aspartame sweetened chewing gum is enhanced by coating the aspartame onto the surface of the chewing gum piece.

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A crystallized sugar product containing a food ingredient is prepared by concentrating a sugar syrup at a temperature in the range of about 250.degree. F. to about 300.degree. F. to a solids content of about 90 to 98% by weight, the sugar syrup containing no more than about 20% by weight non-sucrose ...

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The present invention provides an enteral nutritional formulation that meets the nutrient requirements of patients with wounds. The present invention meets the unique nutrient needs of the acute or chronic patient that are generated due to tissue repair and healing requirements of wounds. To this en ...

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Continuous strips of a first material, e.g., elastic strips, are continuously supplied to flexible strip supports in a supply zone while the strip supports are in a linear configuration. The strip supports are carried on respective transfer members which are mounted on a rotatable support so that in ...

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Acid ice cream produced using protein that is not acid-precipitable, for example whey protein, or using protein that is acid precipitable but using an acid-stable water-binding stabiliser to reduce coagulation of the protein.

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Apparatus for producing and dispensing an aerated product comprises a mixer which has a first inlet for receiving a fluid to be atomized, a second inlet for receiving a gas, and an outlet. A relatively long continuous turbulence passage of relatively small cross section has one end positioned to rec ...

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Chewing gums incorporating Alitame in a manner to delay its release, separate the Alitame from gum ingredients which cause the Alitame to degrade, or both, are disclosed. The Alitame may be coated by an encapsulating agent applied by spray drying, fluid bed coating, fiber spinning or coaservation te ...

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A powder-form foaming creamer suitable for use in beverages is prepared by spray-drying a mixture containing a non-dairy fat, a non-dairy carbohydrate and a proteinaceous foam stabilizer. In the spray-drying step, the mixture is atomized by forcing it through a narrow orifice under a high pressure. ...

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The disclosure relates to a sugarless center-filled gum wherein the sugarless chewing gum formulation can be extruded to form a hollow-centered rope and wherein the sugarless center-fill is not absorbed into the chewing gum. Both the chewing gum and the liquid fill have incorporated therein a compos ...

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Chewing gum base is prepared by separately blending selected groups of ingredients, and then combining and mixing the groups in predetermined order.