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A process for the heterotrophic or predominantly heterotrophic production of whole-celled or extracted microbial products with a high concentration of omega-3 highly unsaturated fatty acids, producible in an aerobic culture under controlled conditions using biologically pure cultures of heterotrophi ...

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A glucose oxidase obtained from a Cladosporium oxysporum strain, designated as CBS 163.94, characterized by a pH-optimum in he range pH 6-7, having more than 75% of maximum activity at pH 8, determined at 30.degree. C. with D-glucose as substrate.

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An antimicrobial composition includes a mixture of one or more carboxylic acids having up to 18 carbon atoms and one or more peroxycarboxylic acids having up to 12 carbon atoms, preferably a mixture of a C

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A process for treating peas or other green vegetables such that they may be canned in a manner to retain their green color. The process is characterized by the steps of maintaining the vegetable in a fresh state and in an aerobic environment such that it does not wilt and continues to respire aerobi ...

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This disclosure includes an activatable oxygen scavenger used as a part of a packaging structure for comestibles.

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A flexible film and flexible food storage bag for packaging produce such as vegetables and fruits wherein the film or bag has plurality of microholes specifically designed to allow the produce to breath in a controlled rate such that localized condensation and weight loss is minimized, which in turn ...


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This invention resides in a composition for treatment of meat, poultry, fruit and vegetables to maintain the color and to preserve same. The composition comprises as essential constituents between about 10 and 40% each of the following materials:

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A container providing controlled atmospheric storage of fresh fruits and vegetables to improve retention of product freshness by adjusting the carbon dioxide to oxygen ratio, for the storage of said fruits or vegetable can be attained and maintained, thereby retarding premature maturation and spoila ...

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The tray is provided with ribs across the base to provide air flow passages under a hot pizza pie or slice to prevent the pizza from becoming soggy. The ribs also serve to stiffen the tray. The wall of the tray may also be provided with vertical ribs. A ledge is provided to receive an imperforate co ...