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A supercritical fluid such as CO.sub.2 is injected under pressure into a fully cooked dough in an extruder. The dough is prepared and after being preconditioning with water and steam, is supplied to an extruder/cooker where it is subjected to high cooking temperatures, which may be on the order of 1 ...

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Reduced calorie, fiber containing food products containing a fat substitute are disclosed. The fat substitute is made of a fat or oil and polymeric liquid crystal prepared from a polysaccharide and a solvent, preferably water. This fat substitute can be used to replace fat in a variety of food produ ...

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Disclosed are cookies containing psyllium and a method for making those cookies. The cookies may additionally contain polyol polyesters. These cookies provide an effective method for introducing psyllium into the diet to treat gastrointestinal disorders, such as constipation or diarrhea, as well as ...

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Disclosed are a bread or other cereal-based food improver composition containing phospholipase A as the effective ingredient said phospholipase A being substantially free of lipase and protease.

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An edible shell/thermoplastic container system consists of a first substantially hemispherical edible shell and a second substantially hemispherical edible shell. The thermoplastic container preferably consists of a first substantially non-hemispherical shell and a second substantially non-hemispher ...

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The invention is a process and a product of the process for preparing a baked snack food from a composition containing at least one ingredient having starch. The ingredient having starch and the water comprises substantially all of the ingredient of the composition. The method involves steaming the ...

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A process is disclosed for producing a chocolate coated creamed wafer candy bar, wherein the coating layer does not crack or delaminate during normal storage. Wafer sheets are first baked and their moisture content is substantially increased. A layer of cream having a moisture content less than that ...

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The package is, in particular, edible and is made of decomposable, porous material which is provided for sealing purposes with at least two different impregnations on a fat basis on at least one part of the inside wall. At least one of these two impregnations is a base and at least one other is a cl ...

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A packaged meal is provided in the form of a kit arrangement which is formulated and prepared for storage under refrigerated, non-frozen conditions for extended time periods within retail store showcase coolers. The kit includes a compartmentalized, hermetically sealed package, with a refrigerated b ...

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Ready-to-eat baked goods which contain a substantial portion of non-gelatinized starch, and are shelf stable for up to one year, are disclosed. They are prepared from a flour containing base-batter mix, water, and at least 5% by weight of the product of an edible, liquid polyhydric alcohol. The wate ...