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An expanded board-like food product in the form of a thin wafer-like sheet having a plurality of elongated chambers rectangular in cross section and formed by passing a viscoelastic dough cake formed of edible vegetable material through a gap between a pair of opposingly rotating rollers and then a ...

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Baked products comprising from about 12% to about 60% of a non-absorbable, non-digestible liquid polyol polyester and from about 25% to about 85% microcrystalline cellulose or a mixture of microcrystalline cellulose and flour in a weight ratio cellulose:flour of at least 1:1 have good texture, good ...

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Disclosed is a trehalose-releasing enzyme which specifically hydrolyzes the linkage between a trehalose moiety and the remaining glycosyl moiety in a non-reducing saccharide having a trehalose structure as an end unit and having a degree of glucose polymerization of 3 or higher. The molecular weight ...

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A method of altering (i.e., deactivating or activating) the biological activity of macromolecular species that employs laser beam radiation at a frequency that excites vibrational and rotational states of the irradiated species and at an intensity sufficient to activate the species (but below the de ...

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A process for preparing a food product comprising roasted corn flour, wheat flour, sugar and salt wherein said mixture is shaped extruded-baked and cooled immediately thereafter.

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Microorganisms are entrapped in a hydrophilic acrylate or methacrylate to provide controlled release or quick release or to provide a regulated time of contact with an environment on which the microorganisms can act.

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A food container for cooking through use of a microwave oven includes a container adapted to contain food and having a hole and a pressure regulation valve attached to the food container to close the hole. The pressure regulation valve includes a cover film having an area sufficient to cover the hol ...

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A versatile food appliance includes a set of hardware components common to a plurality of single-purpose food appliances. The set of hardware components is controlled by a microcontroller executing a program from a repertoire thereof stored in the general-purpose food appliance. Many processing prog ...

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Disclosed are food compositions and methods for preparing cheese-coated puffed snack products upon simple heating of the food compositions in a consumer microwave oven. The food compositions comprise a plurality of puffable farinaceous dough puff pieces or pellets in a puffing medium throughout whic ...