Jean-luc Dubois
Jean Luc Dubois: Topical compositions for the preservation of a human or animal body. May 5, 2011: US20110104097-A1

The present invention relates to a novel composition, having a non-therapeutic purpose, that contains at least one POM (PolyOxyMethylene dialkyl ether) and/or at least on dialdehyde acetal, and also at least one biocidal agent and optionally at least one pro-penetrating agent. It also relates to the ...

Terry W Balko, Paul R Schmitzer, John F Daeuble, Carla N Yerkes, Thomas L Siddall: 6-(poly-substituted aryl)-4-aminopicolinates and their use as herbicides. Dow AgroSciences, Craig Mixan, January 1, 2008: US07314849 (104 worldwide citation)

4-Aminopicolinic acids having tri- and tetra-substituted aryl substituents in the 6-position, and their amine and acid derivatives, are potent herbicides demonstrating a broad spectrum of weed control.

Clough John Martin, Godfrey Christopher Richard Ay, Streeting Ian Thomas, Cheetham Rex: Fungicides.. Ici, August 16, 1990: EP0382375-A2 (102 worldwide citation)

Compounds having the formula (I): in which any two of K, L and M are nitrogen and the other is CE; X and Y are independently hydrogen, halogen, C1-4 alkyl, C3-6 cycloalkyl, C2-4 alkenyl, C2-4 alkynyl, C2-4 alkynyloxy, phenyl, benzyloxy, cyano, isocyano, isothiocyanato, nitro, NRR, NROR,N3, NHCOR, NR ...

Hatton Leslie Roy, Hawkins David William, Parnell Edgar William, Pearson Christopher John, Roberts David Alan: Pesticidal method using n-phenylpyrazoles.. May & Baker, September 2, 1987: EP0234119-A1 (92 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a method for the control of arthropod, plant nematode or helminth pests using compounds of the formula: wherein Y is halogen, cyano, nitro, RSO2, RSO or RS in which R is alkyl, cycloalkyl or alkenyl, thiocyanato, sulphamoyl, carbamoyl, alkoxycarbonyl, alkanoyl or alkyl; Z repr ...

Graham Holmwood, Karl H Buchel, Klaus Lurssen, Paul Ernst Frohberger, Wilhelm Brandes: 1-hydroxyethyl-azole compounds and agricultural compositions. Bayer Aktiengesellschaft, Sprung Horn Kramer & Woods, February 9, 1988: US04723984 (86 worldwide citation)

New 1-hydroxyethyl-azole derivatives of the general formula ##STR1## in which R represents an alkyl radical, an optionally substituted cycloalkyl radical or an optionally substituted phenyl radical,

Hubele Adolf Dr: Use of quinoline derivatives for the protection of cultivated plants.. Ciba-Geigy, November 16, 1983: EP0094349-A2 (85 worldwide citation)

Beim Verfahren zum Schützen von Kulturpflanzen gegen schädigende Wirkungen von Agrarchemikalien werden Chinolinderivate der Formel worin R1, R2 und R3 unabhängig voneinander Wasserstoff, Halogen, Nitro, Cyan, Alkyl oder Alkoxy, R4, R5 und R6 unabhängig voneinander Wasserstoff, Halogen oder Alkyl, X ...

Roberts David Alan, Cramp Susan Mary, Wallis Derek Ian, Bulot Jean Paul: Isoxazoles herbicides.. Rhone Poulenc Agriculture, March 20, 1991: EP0418175-A2 (84 worldwide citation)

Compounds of formula wherein R represents: an optionally substituted alkyl, alkenyl, or alkynyl group ; or an optionally substituted cycloalkyl group; or an optionally substituted cycloalkenyl group ; or a group such as aryl, aralkyl, COOR, COR, CN, NO, NRR, OR, halogen atom. R2 represents a group s ...

Hubele Adolf Dr: Pesticide.. Ciba-Geigy, April 5, 1989: EP0310550-A1 (79 worldwide citation)

Verbindungen der Formel in welcher bedeuten: R1 und R2 unabhängig voneinander Wasserstoff, Halogen, C1-C3-Alkyl, C1-C2-Halogenalkyl, C1-C3-Alkoxy oder C1-C3 Halogenalkoxy; R3 Wasserstoff, C1-C4-Alkyl; oder durch Halogen, Hydroxy oder Cyano substituiertes C1-C4-Alkyl; Cyclopropyl oder durch Methyl un ...

Heubach Gunther Dr, Bauer Klaus Dr, Bieringer Hermann Dr: Plant protecting agents based on 1,2,4 - triazole derivatives as well as 1,2,4-triazole derivatives.. Hoechst, March 19, 1986: EP0174562-A2 (79 worldwide citation)

Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft pflanzenschutzende Mittel, welche eine Triazolverbindung der Formel I worin Z = Halogen, Nitro, Cyano, Trifluormethyl, (subst.) Alkyl, (subst.) Alkoxy, (subst.) Alkylthio, (subst.) Cycloalkyl, (subst.) Phenyl oder (subst.) Phenoxy, Y= H, (subst.) Alkyl, Alkenyl, Al ...