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Coherent, essentially isodimensional, free-flowing, water-soluble or water-dispersible pesticide aggregates which are resistant to attrition in shipping and storage and which will pass a U.S. Standard 10-mesh sieve and will be retained on a U.S. Standard 140-mesh sieve comprising a mixture of from 5 ...

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The present invention relates to agents for protecting crop plants against phytotoxic side-effects of herbicides, characterised in that they contain a compound of the formula I in which Y represents C-H or N, R1 radicals independently of one another represent alkyl, haloalkyl, alkoxy, haloalkoxy or ...

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Fully water-dilutable microemulsions are disclosed comprising comprising (A) an active ingredient which has a solubility in water of less than 1% at room temperature and a melting point of less than 100 DEG C; (B) a non-polar, water immiscible solvent capable of dissolving at least 5% by weight of ( ...

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A powder for sustained release of a gas including a hydrophilic core, a hydrophobic layer on an outer surface of the hydrophilic core, and particles in contact with the hydrophobic layer. The hydrophobic layer contains an acid releasing agent. The particles contain an anhydrous material capable of b ...

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There is provided a sprayable insecticidal composition having significantly increased efficacy which comprises an effective amount of an insecticide; an abrasive; a low level of a surfactant; an inert carrier; and optionally a film-forming inhibitor.

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The invention herein relates to dry flowable water-dispersible granular formulations and to a process for the preparation thereof. In particular, the water-dispersible granular formulations of this invention comprise a mixture of aggregates of microcapsules of water-insoluble pesticide, e.g., alachl ...


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This invention relates to dry, water soluble, pesticidally acceptable particulate compositions, to a method of use thereof for killing or controlling pests including weeds and to a process for preparing such compositions. This invention also relates to dry, water soluble and/or water dispersible, pe ...

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A process for encapsulating a partially water-miscible organic material within a polyurea or polyurethane shell is provided utilizing a water-soluble tertiary amine in the reaction dispersion. Microcapsules and methods of using microcapsules are also provided.

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Chlorothalonil compositions which are useful in formulating aqueous pesticidal sprays in which zinc oxide is present as a micronutrient; the compositions are particularly useful for application to potatoes.