Leo M Higgins III: Area array semiconductor device having a lid with functional contacts. Motorola, Minh Hien N Clark, March 1, 1994: US05291062 (168 worldwide citation)

An area array semiconductor device (10) having a lid with functional I/O contacts can be manufactured. In one embodiment, a semiconductor die (12) is mounted in a die cavity (16) of a substrate (14). A plurality of wire bonds (20) connect the die to conductive traces (18) on a surface of the substra ...

Klaus Bansemir, Karlheinz Disch, Klaus Hachmann, Rudolf Lehmann, Manfred Biermann, Harald Schnegelberger: Disinfectants and their use for disinfecting the skin and mucous membrane. Henkel Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien, Ernest G Szoke, Wayne C Jaeschke, Real J Grandmaison, February 13, 1990: US04900721 (133 worldwide citation)

Liquid, aqueous disinfectants based on alcohol and hydrogen peroxide which contain one or more C.sub.2 -C.sub.8 alcohols, hydrogen peroxide or a compound which forms peroxide in aqueous phase, one or more carboxylic acids, one or more microbicidally active nitrogen-containing organic compounds, one ...

Jun Yamauchi, Nobutoshi Aoki: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same. Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba, Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt P C, August 16, 2005: US06930360 (110 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor device having a semiconductor layer, includes: a first impurity atom having a covalent bond radius larger than a minimum radius of a covalent bond of a semiconductor constituent atom of a semiconductor layer; and a second impurity atom having a covalent bond radius smaller than a max ...

Timothy J Bender, David D Flamme: Multiple-type seed dispensing system. Case Corporation, Foley & Lardner, June 29, 1999: US05915313 (72 worldwide citation)

A system for dispensing multiple types of seed as a planting apparatus (planter or drill) travels throughout an agricultural field is disclosed herein. The planting apparatus is typically an implement having row units for applying seed to the field as the implement is pulled by a vehicle (tractor). ...

Brian S Doyle: Method of delaminating a pre-fabricated transistor layer from a substrate for placement on another wafer. Intel Corporation, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, April 25, 2000: US06054370 (64 worldwide citation)

A method of fabricating a film of active devices is provided. First damaged regions are formed, in a substrate, underneath first areas of the substrate where active devices are to be formed. Active devices are formed onto the first areas. Second damaged regions are formed, in the substrate, between ...

Daniel E Meyer, John E Riedel: Elastomeric adhesive and cohesive materials. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Gary L Griswold, Walter N Kirn, Thomas E Jurgensen, July 27, 1993: US05230701 (64 worldwide citation)

A nonwoven elastomeric web is provided. The web comprises thermoplastic elastomeric melt-blown small diameter fibers having a diameter of less than about 50 microns, the small diameter fibers being randomly arrayed and bonded at points of contact such that the tensile strength of the web in the dire ...

Malcolm H Alexander: No-till field implement. Joseph W Holloway, June 5, 1990: US04930431 (49 worldwide citation)

An implement for agricultural field work is primarily useful for preparing a field for no-till planting and comprises a wheel carried frame for carrying a massive fertilizer hopper which has apertures in its bottom portion through which fertilizer flows at a metered rate into feed tubes which carry ...

Igor Y Khandros, Thomas H DiStefano: Semiconductor chip assembly with anisotropic conductive adhesive connections. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, May 21, 2002: US06392306 (47 worldwide citation)

A semiconductor chip assembly including a semiconductor chip having contacts on a front surface, an element having terminals thereon and leads connecting the contacts to the terminals, wherein the leads are connected to the chip contacts by Z-conductive adhesive connections. In a preferred embodimen ...

Chih An Yang: Noise eliminating system on chip and method of making same. VIA Technologies, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, June 29, 2004: US06756664 (42 worldwide citation)

A noise eliminating system on chip and method of fabricating the same are provided. A noise eliminating system is connected to a chip. There are guiding units provided on the chip for connecting with the noise eliminating system, thereby reducing simultaneous switching noise of the chip.

Theodore Zhou, Vladimir Bulovic, Michael S Weaver: Method for patterning devices. Universal Display Corporation, Kenyon & Kenyon, June 18, 2002: US06407408 (42 worldwide citation)

An organic light emitting device is provided. The device has a first electrode, an insulating strip disposed over the first electrode, and a bus line disposed on top of the insulating strip, such that the bus line is electrically insulated from the first electrode by the insulating strip. An integra ...

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