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Methods of regenerating fertile Zea mays plants from protoplasts or protoplast-derived cells are described. The protoplasts or cells may be derived from embryogenic cell cultures or callus cultures. The protoplasts, cells and resulting plants may be transgenic, containing, for example, chimeric gene ...

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The invention relates to a DNA fragment containing a determined gene, the expression of which inhibits the antibiotic and herbicidal effects of Bialaphos and related products. It also relates to recombinant vectors, containing such DNA fragment, which enable this protective gene to be introduced and ...

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The present invention relates to methods for improving the transformation frequency of Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of maize embryos. A preferred method for transforming maize using Agrobacterium comprises the steps of: contacting at least one immature embryo from a maize plant with Agrobac ...

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Proteins (I) are expressed in Aspergillus oryzae by first transforming the host with a recombinant DNA cloning vector which can integrate into the genome (in one or more copies) and which comprises (1) sequences facilitating gene expression; (2) a selection marker, and (3) the sequence coding for (I ...

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This invention comprises a family of distinctive chrysanthemum morifolium cultivars originating from a selected seedling of a genotype produced by cross-breeding and developed from the genotype by irradiation of selected clones of successive mutants induced by radiation.

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This invention is directed to the production of novel plant genotypes or lines which produce increased free tryptophan levels and are resistant to inhibition by analogs which normally inhibit the activity of the enzyme anthranilate synthase before alteration. This invention further relates to genes ...

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Nitrilase enzymes specific for the hyrdolsis of the nitrile group of bromoxynil, nucleotide sequences encoding for such enzymes, and transformed cells in which the nitrilase expression if foreign are provided. The transformed cells are capable of expressing the nitrilase enzyme to provide detoxifica ...


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A method of producing transformed corn comprising making a wound in a corn seedling in an area of the corn seedling containing rapidly dividing cells and inoculating the wound with vir.sup.+ Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Also, this same method wherein the vir.sup.+ A. tumefaciens contains a vector comp ...