Braig Adalbert, Leppard David, Wendeborn Frederique: Synergistic uv absorber combination. Ciba Sc Holding, May 7, 2003: EP1308084-A1 (32 worldwide citation)

A stabilizer composition comprising (A) a compound of the formula I wherein R is (CH2-CH2-O-)n-R2; -CH2-CH(OH)-CH2-O-R2; or -CH(R3)-CO-O-R4; n is 0 or 1; R2 is C1-C13alkyl or C2-C20alkenyl or C6-C12aryl or CO-C1-C18alkyl; R3 is H or C1-C8alkyl; R4 is C1-C12alkyl or C2-C12alkenyl or C5-C6cycloalkyl; ...

Mark S Stoll: Translucent plant cover of foldable construction. Liberty Diversified, Moore & Hansen, February 27, 1990: US04903431 (25 worldwide citation)

A device for protecting growing plants constructed from corrugated plastic and folded in the form of a straight or tapered hexagonal column having two hinged lid panels which may be opened to provide ventilation or closed to provide protection for the plant.

Basiger James D: Plant shield. June 1, 1971: US3581436 (25 worldwide citation)

This is a shield for plants, and the like, in which there are four supports carrying between each pair of supports a roll, or spindle. A sheet of plastic or screen or other shielding material is maintained between the two rolls and it is possible to lengthen, shorten, tilt, and raise and lower each ...

Laing Nikolaus: Radiation incidence control means. June 26, 1973: US3741631 (23 worldwide citation)

The described invention makes use of at least two screens which have complementary transparent and opaque patterns and which are relatively movable towards and away from each other so that when adjacent they obturate radiation and when separated they pass it. Thus radiation, for example upon a plant ...

Caldwell Edward Neal: System for promoting plant growth. Fitch Even Tabin & Luedeka, July 29, 1975: US3896586 (22 worldwide citation)

A system for promoting plant growth is disclosed wherein a ground engaging member having a peripheral trough and depending root feeder elements is anchored in the ground and has a raised, apertured, central portion which ovelies a plant, and wherein a cover member having a lower peripheral generally ...

Shigeo Miyata: Agricultural film structure. Kyowa Chemical, Sherman and Shalloway, August 18, 1987: US04686791 (18 worldwide citation)

An agricultural film structure composed of a mixture of a thermoplastic resin and an infrared radiation-absorbing powdery inorganic compound, said mixture comprising

Howard Lloyd V: Solar distillation irrigation apparatus. April 4, 1972: US3653150 (17 worldwide citation)

A transparent plastic cover constructed and adapted to be deployed over and removed from a multi-acreage field. The plastic cover is supported on an appropriate beam structure and is drawn thereover by powered means. The side panels of the plastic cover contain water tubes which are drawn through a ...

James E Constantz: Apparatus for water desalination and drip irrigation of row crops. The United States of America represented by the Secretary of the Interior, E Philip Koltos, November 26, 1991: US05067272 (16 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for providing purified water to row crops is disclosed which comprises a dark plastic lower sheeting layer upon which impaired water can be ponded, and a clear plastic upper sheet which is positioned above the lower layer in the shape of an inverted V by means of a suitable supporting s ...

Henry Sonagere: Portable greenhouse. Dykema Gossett, January 19, 1993: US05179798 (15 worldwide citation)

A portable greenhouse is disclosed which comprises a support member which can be shaped to conform to the particular size of plants which are to be protected. Each support member comprises first and second rods which extend generally parallel to each other, but which are spaced to define a space for ...

Abramitis Walter W: Amine salts of substituted succinamic acids. YOUNG Francis W, December 31, 1974: US3857879 (15 worldwide citation)

Plant growth regulatory agents which are nitrogen derivatives of polybasic aliphatic acids, such as diamides and amido ammonium salts, and process for regulation of plant growth, particularly dwarfing and growth stimulation by application of such nitrogen derivatives.

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