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Absorbent articles such as disposable diapers, incontinent briefs, diaper holders, training pants, feminine hygiene garments and the like, that have a unique waist feature that improves the dynamic fit as well as the containment characteristics of the absorbent article. Such absorbent articles compr ...

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Phosphorothioate oligodeoxyribonucleotide analogs can be used to prevent replication of foreign nucleic acids in the presence of normal living cells, as well as to inhibit the proliferation of neoplastic cells.

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A base station in a cellular communications system is connected to a plurality of remote cellular sites by a communications link having a base terminal coupled to a remote terminal by two optical fibers. The base terminal receives RF downlink channels from the base station and optically transmits th ...

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A novel surgical fastener is disclosed for attaching soft tissues (e.g. ligaments, tendons and the like) to bone and bone-like structures. The surgical fastener comprises a shank and an enlarged head disposed on one end of the shank. A central bore passes completely through the fastener along its lo ...

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A safety system for a wood chipper having an elongated delivery chute into which a person would load tree branches, limbs and tree trunks. A metal sensor is mounted in the chute intermediate its front and rear ends and is oriented to detect any metal passing through the passageway of the chute. A ga ...

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A thermal blanket of the Augustine type includes an inflatable covering with a head end, a foot end, two edges and an undersurface. The covering is inflated through an inlet by a thermally-controlled inflating medium. An aperture array on the undersurface of the covering exhausts the thermally contr ...

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An improved adhesion-preventative barrier fabric comprising an oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC) fabric (or matrix having equivalent properties) which is drapable, conformable, adherent to body organs. and substantially absorbable within thirty (30) days in the body, which fabric has heparin abso ...

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A combine harvester includes an additional separating unit (8) interposed between the thresher unit (4) and the shaker unit (9). The additional separating unit (8) comprises a separating roller (10) which rotates about an axis transverse the length of the machine and a concave separator grid (11) su ...

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A stimulation apparatus is used for treatment of flexing portions of the human body by electrical stimulation. The apparatus has positioning means for firmly holding the flexing portion of the human body. There are two or more stimulation output contacts mounted in the positioning means in predeterm ...

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A deflector panel is pivotally mounted within the straw hood of a combine and is disposable between a first position wherein residue material emanating from the combine is deflected into a straw chopper and a second position wherein the emanating material is deflected through the residue outlet of t ...