Arthur D Hall III: Highly automated agricultural production system. Advanced Decision Handling, Sughrue Rothwell Mion Zinn & Macpeak, April 5, 1977: US04015366 (229 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a highly automated agricultural production system which comprises, as essential components:

Tetsuya Nakamura: Outdoor working automating system. Sakura Rubber, Ladas & Parry, March 4, 1997: US05606850 (180 worldwide citation)

An outdoor working automating system includes a rice reaper having a position detecting unit for detecting a position by receiving radio waves from a GPS satellite and a control unit for controlling the position of the rice reaper sa that the position traces predetermined route data, and a rice tran ...

Andre Colens: Continuous and autonomous mowing system. Leonard Bloom, August 29, 1995: US05444965 (142 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an automatic, self-contained machine for continuously mowing grass. The machine is powered by means of photovoltaic cells (10) and can be wheeled (15) or tracked. A device comprising a microcomputer programmed by an algorithm allows to search for spots where the grass must b ...

Paul G Angott, Thomas G Xydis: Programmable lawn mower. Thomas G Xydis, Howard & Howard, December 28, 1999: US06009358 (132 worldwide citation)

A programmable lawn mower assembly (10) including a carriage (12) supporting a mower central processing unit (CPU) (24) for controlling the drive motors (18) to control the direction of movement of the carriage (12). The assembly (10) includes first and second locating transmitters to be disposed on ...

Wesley J Bachman, Steven G Stone: Universal monitor. Dickey John Corporation, Richard Trexler Bushnell Giangiorgi & Blackstone Bushnell, May 8, 1990: US04924418 (130 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus are provided for monitoring a plurality of functions and conditions of a machine which includes a plurality of sensors for producing sensor signals corresponding to these functions and conditions. The monitoring method comprises providing at least one monitoring module having ...

Philip D Nguyen, Joe R Murphey, David L Brown: Well treating methods and devices using particulate blends. Halliburton Company, Robert A Kent, February 20, 1996: US05492178 (120 worldwide citation)

Fracturing, frac-pack, and gravel packing procedures are provided which utilize a treating composition comprising a carrier fluid and a particulate blend. The particulate blend consists essentially of a large particulate material and a small particulate material. The large particulate material consi ...

André Colens: Self-propelled lawn mower. Pillsbury Winthrop, November 27, 2001: US06321515 (119 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a self-propelled lawn mower and a method adapted for using said machine. The machine comprises: a mobile frame (

Jack F Anderson, Clayton Melrose, Floyd Melrose: Tool apparatus with control to move tool when object approached. Jack F Anderson, Young & Martin, May 21, 1985: US04518043 (112 worldwide citation)

The disclosure in this patent application includes a retractable in-row tiller device that has a parallelogram carriage structure for supporting the outrigger arm and tiller and for retracting and extending the outrigger arm and tiller in relation to the tractor on which it is mounted. It also inclu ...

Roger B Whitaker, Charles W Blevins: Combine performance monitor. Dickey john Corporation, Trexler Bushnell & Wolters, October 20, 1981: US04296409 (103 worldwide citation)

A combine performance monitor includes a programmed, special purpose computer coupled to a plurality of sensors for detecting a plurality of different operating conditions in a combine. The special purpose computer cooperates with operator accessible controls for calculating a plurality of predeterm ...

Normand Pronovost, Rejean Pronovost: Bale loading, transporting and unloading trailer. Pierre Lesperance, Francois Martineau, August 2, 1994: US05333981 (97 worldwide citation)

The bale handling farm trailer comprises an elongated chassis, a front bed frame overlying and coextensive with the chassis and having a flooring secured to and extending across the front section of the front bed frame. The rear end of the latter is pivoted to the rear end of the chassis for pivotin ...

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