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The specification discloses an improved row cleaning apparatus to selectively clean away mulch from conservation tilled fields without cultivation of the soil. When mounted on a tractor-drawn planter unit, the cleaning action of the present invention improves depth control and planting speed of the ...

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The planter includes a number of forward tillage units each followed by an aligned planting unit. Both units are independently mounted by four-bar linkages to the planter frame. Each tillage unit includes a leading banded coulter followed by a pair of rolling row cleaning discs which are, in turn, f ...

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In a preferred embodiment of the invention, a trailer-like multi-sectioned frame is mounted on supporting spaced-apart wheels adjustable intermittently of the height of the frame and having mounted on the various sections of the frame, functional elements including a forward rotatable cutting blade ...

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An apparatus for generating a signal indicative of the hardness of soil. The apparatus has a frame to be moved relative to soil on which a hardness analysis is to be conducted and a sensing element mounted to the frame so that the sensing element engages soil relative to which the frame is moved and ...

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An agricultural planter comprises a frame with a plurality of wheels and adapted to be towed by a tractor. The planter has a plurality of row planting units mounted on the frame and carrying planting implements, and the planting units are vertically movable relative to the frame. A soil-hardness sen ...

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A method of continuously applying an additive to soil with a soil treating apparatus as the soil treating apparatus is advanced in a travel direction along a planting path on soil being treated. The method includes the steps of resituating residue in the planting path in a lateral direction transver ...

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An improved method of monitoring penetration of a planting unit into a ground surface comprising engaging a planting unit with a ground surface wherein the planting unit has a planting unit frame and the planting unit frame is cooperatively engaged with a support member by a planting frame and where ...

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A liquid distribution apparatus for use with a planter, drill or other farming implement having a seed tube that deposits seeds in a furrow. The liquid distribution apparatus includes a supply channel in fluid connection with a hose supplying a liquid to the furrow. The liquid distribution apparatus ...

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A trash clearing brush unit for use ahead of a planter unit including a pair of circular brushes rotatably mounted to a vertical support bar and angularly inclined toward one another. The support bar is attachable to a planter unit and vertically adjustable with respect thereto.

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An opener assembly includes a single opener disk rotatably supported from a drawbar and angled approximately five degrees from the forward direction to define a shadow area behind the trailing surface of the disk. A material placement boot and delivery tube are supported adjacent the trailing surfac ...