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A variable rate fertilizer spreading apparatus for spreading a precise amount of multiple types of fertilizers upon a field based upon a location in the field. The system comprises a controller accessing a soil map indicating the type of soil for each portion of the field, several fertilizer maps st ...

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A real time soil chemical sensor and precision agricultural chemical delivery system includes a plurality of ground-engaging tools in association with individual soil sensors which measure soil chemical levels. The system includes the addition of a solvent which rapidly saturates the soil/tool inter ...

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A farm implement for applying a product to a row crop or a row seeded field wherein the implement has a plurality of spaced-apart product dispensers mounted thereon, each of which is individually automatically controlled. The rate of product being dispensing from each of the product dispensers is au ...

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A sprayer connectable to a hose and including a body having a compound four-position valve controlling a primary passageway and two sets of auxiliary passageways. An antisiphon device attached to the body connects the hose to the primary passageway, while an extension tube, also attached to the body ...


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This invention relates to a device which distributes a layer of chemicals within the soil, with minimum disturbance of the soil surface.

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A coulter blade assembly for use with a farm implement, which assembly comprises a first coulter unit, a second coulter unit, and a third coulter unit, all units mounted to the implement in a triangular arrangement in plan; with the first coulter unit being a lead unit, the second coulter unit trail ...

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A device is attached to a vehicle, such as a tractor, to deliver slurry into soil. The device has a hinged connector allows side-to-side movement between the vehicle and the main frame. There is at least one coulter attached to the main frame, a retaining wheel and slurry applicator attached to the ...

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A constant attitude sod knife for injection of anhydrous ammonia to the soil which includes a ground opening blade structure, a gas injection tube disposed at the heel or trailing of the blade and covered by a diffusion director vane or wing and subsequently by a tamping or compaction vane or wing w ...