Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Vage Oganesian, Belgacem Haba, Ilyas Mohammed, Craig Mitchell, Piyush Savalia: Staged via formation from both sides of chip. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, September 30, 2014: US08847380

A method of fabricating a semiconductor assembly can include providing a semiconductor element having a front surface, a rear surface, and a plurality of conductive pads, forming at least one hole extending at least through a respective one of the conductive pads by processing applied to the respect ...

Martin B Barke, Rebecca A Luebke: Stable protective seed coating. Cargill Incorporated, Fitch Even Tabin Flannery & Welsh, June 9, 1981: US04272417 (197 worldwide citation)

A stable, liquid seed coating composition is provided, including a binding agent, an active ingredient and a coloring agent in a liquid medium including water and a polyol.

Clarence C Dannelly: Seed coatings. Eastman Kodak Company, John F Stevens, Daniel B Reece III, January 20, 1981: US04245432 (188 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are plant seed coating compositions comprising water insoluble but water sensitive polyelectrolyte complexes. The polyelectrolyte complexes, which are formed by combining an acidic polymer with a basic polymer, provide protection for the seeds and may be used as a carrier for materials suc ...

Jeffrey Peter: Liquid dispenser for seed planter. Farmer Fabrications, Baker & Daniels, March 24, 1998: US05730074 (121 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a planter which embeds planted seeds into the ground and then dispenses liquid in the vicinity of the embedded seeds. The planter includes a flexible arm which drags upon the ground and presses the deposited seeds into the ground and a rigid tube which is attached to the fle ...

Robert J Monson: Intelligent Mobile product application control system. Chem Equipment Co, February 9, 1999: US05870686 (116 worldwide citation)

An intelligent mobile product application control system capable of controlling product application by calculating control values on a per position basis from data that has traditionally been used to generate digital land area maps. The system includes a vehicle having coupled thereto at least one d ...

A Gregory Bailey, A C Folsom Jr: Implant connector. Crystal Medical Technology a division of Folsom Metal Products, Veal & Associates, March 4, 1997: US05607304 (105 worldwide citation)

A threaded connection for medical implants utilizes root and crest interfnce profile, such that the major and minor diameters of the thread profile on the male and female members of the connection are selected such that the minor diameter of one member is larger than the major diameter of the other, ...

Clendinning Robert A, Potts James E, Cornell Stephen W: Transplanter containers made from biodegradable-environmentally degradable blends. Union Carbide Corporation, O Connell James J, November 25, 1975: US3921333 (105 worldwide citation)

Biodegradable-environmentally degradable transplanter containers are formed from a biodegradable thermoplastic polymer, e.g., poly(epsilon-caprolactone) or poly(ethylene adipate), and an environmentally degradable normally-solid ethylene polymer based composition.

Robert J Monson, Norman A Bauer: Variable rate application system. Chem Equipment Co, Haugen and Nikolai, June 22, 1993: US05220876 (103 worldwide citation)

A variable rate fertilizer spreading apparatus for spreading a precise amount of multiple types of fertilizers upon a field based upon a location in the field. The system comprises a controller accessing a soil map indicating the type of soil for each portion of the field, several fertilizer maps st ...

Ronald William Brass, Harold Valentine Hansen: Planter apparatus and method for planting. Deere & Company, March 1, 1977: US04009668 (97 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for planting seeds. A V-shaped seed furrow having a predetermined depth is continuously formed while the soil adjacent each side of the furrow is uniformly firmed or compacted and a smooth surface formed. Seeds are continuously dispensed into the furrow. The walls of the furro ...

David D Flamme, Paul Haack, Abe Orbach, Keith Wendte: Variable rate agricultural product application implement with multiple inputs and feedback. Case Corporation, Foley & Lardner, June 6, 2000: US06070539 (90 worldwide citation)

One or more agricultural products, such as seed, fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide, may be dispensed at each of a plurality of row locations on an agricultural implement toolbar. A local bus connects each local metering device to a local controller at the row location, which may also have actual p ...

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