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A grain drill is disclosed having a folding frame for parallel operation and a parallel link system that controls the tension to earth openers in order to produce relatively constant downward pressure for the openers. The grain drill includes a rotating tool bar for facilitating the adjustment of do ...

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A row crop cultivator including an elongated toolbar adapted for attachment to a tractor three-point hitch and a plurality of cultivator rigs pivotally connected to the toolbar in spaced locations by upper and lower links. A pair of lift bars are pivotally mounted on the toolbar and extend beneath t ...

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Seed drill has a row of coulters which are raised and lowered by a beam positioned above the coulters and connected to the coulters by spring assemblies. The beam is journalled for pivotal movement about its longitudinal axis and the spring assemblies are connected to the beam so that some exert rea ...

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The front folding machine has a main fore-and-aft carrier frame provided with transport wheels that may be hydraulically actuated to raise and lower the frame simultaneously with the actuation of gauge wheels on a pair of transverse drill units connected to the rear of the carrier frame, thereby cau ...

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Apparatus for guiding a drawn agricultural implement of the type which has a transverse tool bar and a pull hitch. The apparatus controls the horizontal angular orientation of the tool bar relative to the pull hitch to guide the implement.

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A variable pressure control system for varying pressures in the fluid circuits of a dual acting actuator over a range of pressures. The variable pressure control system includes a controller that cooperates with pressure regulators for regulating the desired pressure in the fluid circuits.