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An enzymatic transesterification method for preparing a margarine oil having both low trans- acid and low intermediate chain fatty acid content is disclosed. The method includes the steps of providing a transesterification reaction mixture containing a stearic acid source material and an edible liqu ...

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There is disclosed a tetrasaccharide, a hexasaccharide, on octasaccharide and a decasaccharide all capable of inhibiting complement activation and having less tha 33% of undigested native heparin's anticoagulation activity.

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The invention herein is a method of reducing cholesterol in egg yolks by extracting cholesterol with substantially low moisture alcohol extractant and then hydrolyzing with selected proteolytic enzymes, such that the resulting product is useful in producing emulsified products like mayonnaise, salad ...

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A method of extracting cholesterol from a milk product by shearing a mixture of oil:milk product in a ratio of between about 1:99 to about 1:4 and separating the decholesterolized milk product and oil phases.

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A gel composition of water, substantially linear polymeric monosaccharide and insoluble material exhibiting exceptional gel strength, thermal stability and organoleptic properties that may be utilized as a fat mimetic in food products. A preferred manufacturing method includes microparticulating the ...

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The present invention is directed to a method for producing a microcapsule flavor delivery system. In the method, a mixture of a flavoring material selected from the group consisting of an oil soluble flavor dissolved in an oil and an o/w emulsion flavor and a protein solution is provided. The mixtu ...

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The present invention relates generally to processing of viscous food products such as full-fat, reduced-fat, light or fat-free viscous salad dressings, and reduced-fat, light or fat-free mayonnaise. More particularly, the present invention relates to viscous salad dressings and reduced-fat mayonnai ...