Eb Eshun
Coolbaugh Douglas D, Eshun Ebenezer E, Rassel Robert M, Slinkman James A, Zierak Michael J: Semiconductor structure and its manufacturing method. Ibm, taofeng bei, May 7, 2008: CN200610136640

The present invention provides a method for fabricating high gain FETs which substantially reduces or eliminates unwanted variation in device characteristics caused by using a prior art shadow masking process is provided. The inventive method employs a blocking mask that at least partially extends o ...

Hershberger Douglas B, Voldman Steven H, Zierak Michael J: Dendrite growth control circuit and method for control cross-dendrite growth. Ibm, yu jing li zheng, June 21, 2006: CN200510123300

A circuit is provided which prevents dendrite formation on interconnects during semiconductor device processing due to a dendrite-forming current. The circuit includes a switch located in at least one of the dendrite-forming current paths. The switch is configured to be open or in the ''off'' state ...