Brad Nightengale, Karl Newland, Kevin Siegel, Zhongxiao, Sharon Rowberry: Merchant fraud risk score. Visa International Service Association, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, January 7, 2014: US08626663 (6 worldwide citation)

Methods and systems are presented for a fraud risk score to be given to a merchant for a proposed transaction with a consumer. The fraud risk score is generated by a payment account service provider, such as a credit card processor, using information from a pending transaction as well as information ...

Patrick L Faith, Zhongxiao Jiang, Kevin Paul Siegel, Theodore D Harris: System and method using predicted consumer behavior to reduce use of transaction risk analysis and transaction denials. Visa International Service Association, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, December 31, 2013: US08620798

An apparatus and method for processing a transaction authorization request to reduce the need for a transaction risk assessment as part of the authorization process. The invention reduces both the data processing burden on the payment processor and the number of transactions for which authorization ...



Shi Zhongxiao: Magnetic health cap. Shi Zhongxiao, September 2, 1998: CN98113751

The present invention relates to cap, especially one with magnetotherapeutical health function. The said cap has magnets mounted at the places corresponding to brain acupoints, such as Yutang, Yangbai, Zuanzhu, Baihui, Yuzhen, Taiyang, etc. The magnetic signal sent out by the magnets has the magneto ...

Zhang Zhongxiao, Yang Zhencheng, Liu Wenming: Overheavy firing and flydust reburning apparatus for boiler with coal spreader feeder. Harbin Design Inst Of Complete Electric Station Equipment Set, Ministry Machine, wang duicheng, December 22, 1999: CN98114092

An overheavy firing and flydust reburning apparatus for the boiler with coal spreader feeder is composed of a front arch installed to front wall of combustion box, separator in flue, ash collecting hopper behind the separator and ash feeding pipe extended into combustion box. Its advantages include ...

Zhang Zhongxiao, Shu Yan, Zhang Guojun: Combined coal powder burner. Harbin Design Inst Of Power Station Equipment System, Ministry Of Machine Build, wang duicheng, December 29, 1999: CN98114101

The combined coal powder burner includes an upper primary draft pipe, a lower primary draft pipe and coal powder concentrators at the inlets of the upper and the lower primary draft pipes. The coal powder concentrator is one cylindrical shell structure with inside louver. The burner has stable combu ...


Liu Wei, Wang Zhongxiao, Ju Fuyang: Process for producing diamine product by using additive neutralizing separation method. Liu Wei, liu ya, January 6, 1999: CN97112570

The production process of diamine product uses acrylonitrile, acetone and sulfuric acid as main raw material, and adopts the technological procedures of addition reaction, neutralization reaction, stratification by standing still, siphon separation, concentration, crystallization and drying so as to ...


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