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A centralized wireless LAN load balancing mechanism is described herein. In one embodiment, in response to a request for entering a wireless network from a wireless station and forwarded from multiple access points (APs) of the wireless network, a network access device coupled to the multiple APs de ...

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A test system having a shielded enclosure and common air interface for testing the transmit and receive functionality of wireless communication devices such as mobile phones. A test system according to the present invention provides improved fault coverage by permitting robust testing of the entire ...

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A method is disclosed for providing security to a client-to-client communication. The method includes authenticating a first client and a second client with an access point device, transmitting the packet to the security device and modifying a destination media access control (MAC) address of a pack ...

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An information server may function as a centralized query broker that accepts queries from query clients, dispatches queries to potentially disparate data sources, and returns query results to query clients. An information server may centralize information access and security/control operations and ...

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According to embodiments of the invention, a first wireless access point discovers a second wireless access point, the first wireless access point tunes its radio and privacy settings, without user input, based upon parameters automatically exchanged in response to the discovery of the second wirele ...

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In general, the instant invention comprises compounds of Formulas I and II including pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof. The compounds of the invention are useful as protein kinase inhibitors and therefore are useful for treating cancer and other protein kinase mediated diseases.

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Pressure-sensitive adhesives are prepared from (meth)acrylate esters of 2-alkyl alkanols. The adhesives are characterized by exhibiting an overall balance of adhesive and cohesive characteristics and exceptional adhesion to low surface energy substrates.

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In nuclear magnetic resonance imaging of the human brain or the like, multiple quantum coherences, such as intermolecular double quantum coherence (iDQC) between water molecules, are used for soft tissue contrast. A group of pulse sequences are used in which, (a) The standard &bgr;=&pgr;/2 pu ...

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A broad band electrically small antenna comprising opposed wire triangular outline shaped elements connected to a source or receiver at their respective apexes and a second set of wire triangular outline shaped elements connected to the base members of the first set of triangular shaped or "bowtie" ...

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A technique for MRI or the like employs optimized orthogonal gradients. For a device having a peak physical magnetic field gradient strength G