Zhigang Fang, J Albert Sue: Double cemented carbide composites. Smith International, Christie Parker & Hale, March 9, 1999: US05880382 (140 worldwide citation)

Double cemented carbide composites comprise a plurality of first regions and a second ductile phase that separate the first regions from each other. Each first region comprises a composite of grains and a first ductile phase bonding the grains. The grains are selected from the group of carbides cons ...

Zhigang Fang: High strength matrix material for PDC drag bits. Smith International, September 2, 1997: US05662183 (114 worldwide citation)

A PDC drag bit body is disclosed which utilizes a high-strength infiltration binder having a composition comprising a nickel, cobalt, or iron base alloy. The infiltration molding process is modified to account for the higher melting temperatures of these alloys by using graphite plugs in the mold in ...

Zhigang Fang: Pressure molded powder metal milled tooth rock bit cone. Smith International, Christie Parker & Hale, October 5, 1999: US05963775 (73 worldwide citation)

A milled tooth shaped rotary cone drill bit for drilling oil wells and the like manufactured using a powder metallurgy process in which an alloy powder is pressure molded into the desired bit shape, sintered, and precision machined.

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In one embodiment, composite constructions of the invention are in the form of a plurality of coated fibers bundled together to produce a fibrous composite construction in the form of a rod. Each fiber has a core formed from a hard phase material, that is surrounded by a shell formed from a binder p ...

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A steel tooth particularly suited for use in a rolling cone bit includes a parent metal core having an inner gage facing surface, leading and trailing edges, a root region adjacent to the cone and an outer most edge spaced from the root region. A hardfacing layer that includes at least two hardfacin ...

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A drill but having a drill body with a cutting tip, an axis of symmetry, and a plurality of flutes wherein said flutes have a rake surface at said cutting tip. The cutting tip includes a plurality of side blades between said flutes and joined at a web, a plurality of flank surfaces extending from an ...

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A new hardfacing composition is disclosed. In addition, a pulsed plasma transferred arc method for depositing hardfacing material with a higher content of carbide and lower dilution by a substrate metal is disclosed. The disclosed method produces a hardfacing coating which has a strong metallurgical ...

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Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) carbide composites of this invention have a microstructure comprising a plurality of granules formed from PCD, polycrystalline cubic boron nitride, or mixture thereof, that are distributed within a substantially continuous second matrix region that substantially surroun ...

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Composite constructions of this invention comprise an ordered microstructure made up of multiple structural units that can be the same or different, and that comprise at least a first structural phase and a second structural phase. The first structural phase comprises a hard material that is selecte ...

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An improved hardfacing for teeth and other surfaces of milled tooth rock bits includes steel in the range of from 20 to 50 percent by weight, and filler in the range of from 50 to 80 percent by weight. The filler includes spherical cast tungsten carbide particles alone or in a mixture of other tungs ...