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What is disclosed is an arrangement of field of label augmented, multi-protocol routing of data packets in a network utilizing fixed length labels that are negotiated between adjacent label routing routers in the network. Portions of each routing label may be assigned by both upstream and downstream ...

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A synchronous bi-directional active power conditioning system (11) suitable for wide variable frequency systems or active loads such as adjustable speed drives which require variable voltage variable frequency power management systems is disclosed. Common power electronics building blocks (100, 200) ...

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In an arrangement where a plurality of cache servers are interconnected to form a virtual cache, each cache server includes a selection module and a caching module. The selection module determines whether the cache server can service an incoming request for information, whether the request ought to ...

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Traffic demands are routed across links of an information network so as to avoid congestion and allow for future traffic growth. Traffic demands from a source node to a destination node of the network are monitored, including bandwidths associated with each of the demands. For each demand, and for a ...

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A hashing-based router and method for network load balancing includes calculating a hash value from header data of incoming data packets and routing incoming packets based on the calculated hash values to permissible output links in desired loading proportions.

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A method and apparatus control a power converter (20) of an AC motor drive system (10). The method and apparatus: generate a field current regulating signal to control a field current component flowing from the power converter (20) to the AC motor (30), thereby achieving field current regulation; ge ...

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A system and method for automatically updating software components on a running computer system without requiring any interruption of service. A software module is hotpatched by loading a patch into memory and modifying an instruction in the original module to jump to the patch. A coldpatching techn ...

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Systems and methods are discussed that allow profile information to be reused by various versions of a program. One illustrative aspect includes a method for comparing versions of a program in binary format. The method includes finding equivalent contents in portions of two versions of the program, ...

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A computer-implemented method for performing inter-domain communication in a web browser includes receiving first data from a first domain at a router associated with one or more domains other than the first domain, identifying at the router the one or more domains for receiving data associated with ...

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An apparatus controls a power converter of an AC motor drive system, the power converter outputting multi-phase AC current to an AC motor. The apparatus comprises: a state selecting unit; and an advanced controller. The state selecting unit selects an operation mode, from among a plurality of operat ...