Zhao Guangshan: Instant flour. Zhao Guangshan, May 27, 1998: CN96121236

The present invention uses potato flour as main material and mixes it with peanut kernel, sesame etc. natural food, then they are made into instant food. The characteristic lies in that it contains no non-natural matter.


Zhao Guangshan: Wholemeal nutrient noodles. Zhao Guangshan, October 29, 1996: CN95104141

The present invention relates to grain processing and solves the problem of lossing partial natural nutrient by changing the production process of flour. Technically, it omits the wheat bran-removing process in flour prodn so as to produce wholemeal flour rich in nutrient component. The wholemeal fl ...

Peng Jinbo, Xu Benxiao, Zhao Guangshan: 300-channel carrier wave device on thin coaxial cable. Unit 58012, Pla, XU PING WANG JUN, March 24, 1993: CN91108701

This carrier equipment has multiple functions with low cost. The output of its transmitting amplifier connects to the input of one high low-pass filter which is also connected to the output of transmitting-amplifying modulator via equalizing filter and amplifier. The output of its main oscillator co ...

Zhao Guangshan: Peanut salt boiled noodle and processing method thereof. Zhao Guangshan, July 7, 2010: CN200810189847

The invention discloses a convenient boiled noodle food, which aims at preparing a peanut salt for replacing vegetable brine first. The convenient boiled noodle food is prepared by using two methods: the first method is to fry peanuts by using oil and the second method is to crudely fry the peanuts. ...

Zhao Guangshan: Foldable cup. Zhao Guangshan, May 25, 2011: CN200910225109

The invention provides a foldable cup. In the invention, the height of the cup is reduced to be flat so as to reduce the cup size, the cup can be randomly put into a pocket and used anytime and anywhere. The invention adopts the specific scheme that a plastic material with an equivalent toughness is ...

Zhao Guangshan: Chopstick spoon. Zhao Guangshan, May 25, 2011: CN200910225110

The invention provides two-purpose tableware combining chopsticks and a spoon. The invention combines two pieces of tableware, i.e. the chopsticks and the spoon, and a spoon handle is changed into tableware of different purposes so as to increase the utilization rate, be convenient to carry and use ...

Zhao Guangshan: Three-dimensional poker. Zhao Guangshan, May 25, 2011: CN200910225111

The invention provides a tree-dimensional poker. In order to easily, conveniently and clearly use the poker, a planar poker is changed into the tree-dimensional poker; the poker is made of a material of mahjong and adopts the shuffling mode similar to the mahjong, the activity rule is kept invariabl ...

Zhao Guangshan: Fork spoon. Zhao Guangshan, May 25, 2011: CN200910225112

The invention discloses a fork spoon which combines a fork and a spoon and provides a piece of dual-purpose tableware. The fork and the spoon are combined together, and a handle is changed into the tableware with different purposes, thereby improving utilization ratio, avoiding wasting material and ...

ZHAO GUANGSHAN: [ZH] 格律诗词专用表具, [EN] Table tool special for rhythm poems. ZHAO GUANGSHAN, June 17, 2015: CN142907714

[EN] The invention relates to culture articles, and in particular to a table tool special for rhythm poems. Tables special for the rhythm poems are printed on a paper sheet or a plastic writing board; and poetry types are independently marked on each page. Full lines indicate level tones, imaginary ...