Jin Dongyue, Zhang Wanrong, Xie Hongyun, Chen Liang, Hu Ning, Xiao Ying, Wang Renqing: High-heat stability power hetero-junction bipolar transistor. Beijing University of Technology, Liu Ping, February 24, 2010: CN200910093286

The present invention discloses a transistor, especially a power hetero-junction bipolar transistor with high-heat stability. The pressure drop of emitter ballast resistance effectively compensates variation of a built-in voltage caused by the temperature increase due to self-heating effect. At the ...

Zhang Wanrong: Oral liquid of nostoc commune var. flagelliforme. Zhang Wanrong, January 8, 1997: CN95108358

The present invention provides a kind of oral liquor which uses the hair weeds as basic component and the glossy ganoderma, fruit of Chinese wolfberry, red sage root, and multiflower knotweed root, etc. as auxiliary material, and is made up by carefully processing in accordance with a specific propo ...

Zhang Wanrong, Chen Yufeng, Huang Zhixiang, Liu Liheng, Zhou Guoyu: Package component of vertical air conditioner cabinet. Guangdong Chigo Air Coditioning, Li Zanjian, Dai Changmeng, April 21, 2010: CN200910193350

The invention discloses a package component of a vertical air conditioner cabinet, which is mainly assembled with a base, a side wall and a top cover packaging plate, wherein the side wall is assembled with two packaging plates; and the four corners of the side wall are protected by two protective c ...

Zhang Wanrong, Chen Yufeng, Huang Zhixiang, Huang Wen, Ye Pan, Mo Peixiong: Fan of outdoor unit of air conditioner. Guangdong Chigo Air Coditioning, Li Zanjian, Dai Changmeng, April 21, 2010: CN200910193373

The invention discloses a fan of an outdoor unit of an air conditioner, which comprises a motor bracket, a motor component consisting of a motor and axial-flow fan blades, a fan guide and a top cover plate provided with a wind outlet part, wherein the motor component and the fan guide are arranged u ...

Li Tong, Zao Jianwei, Zhang Wanrong: Stero weiqi. Zao Jianwei, March 16, 1988: CN86105985

The steroweiqi is a kind of chess in the areas of physical culture and entertainment. It contributes to improve the human intelligence and to develop the human thinking capability to space. No special rules are provided for playing the steroweiqi. The players are required to strive to occupy more sp ...


Chen Yufeng, Zhang Wanrong, Liu Liheng: Decorative strip assembly. Guangdong Chigo Air Conditioner, Wei Zhonghui, July 29, 2009: CN200910119903

The invention discloses a decoration strip component which comprises the following components: at least one beam provided with a plurality of square holes; at least one decoration strip on which a plurality of demountable magnetic suction heads are assembled; a plurality of magnetic catches, wherein ...




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