Lin Yongfu, Zhang Ruicheng: Play device controlled by direction change. Xituo Sci &Amp Tech, daichang meng, August 29, 2007: CN200610007791

This invention relates to a play device controlled in terms of direction change, which sets a CPU,an operation memory unit, an action sensing module and a music play module, in which, said operation memory unit is connected with the O/I end of the CPU, said action sensing module is connected with th ...








Zhang Ruicheng, Peng Yanshun: Loudspeaker, yoke iron thereof and manufacture method of yoke iron. Merry Electronics, Shou Ning, Zhang Huahui, November 4, 2009: CN200810095075

The invention relates to a loudspeaker which comprises a frame body, a vibrating diaphragm, a front cover, a magnetic circuit device and a speech coil, wherein the front cover and the vibrating diaphragm are both arranged at one first face of the frame body, the front cover covers the vibrating diap ...

Zhang Ruicheng: Electro-acoustic conversion device and diaphragm thereof. Merry Electronics, Shou Ning, Zhang Huahui, June 10, 2009: CN200710188261

The invention provides an electroacoustic conversion device and a vibrating diaphragm. The electroacoustic conversion device comprises a shell, a magnetic loop device, a sound coil and a vibrating diaphragm, wherein the magnetic loop device is arranged in the shell and can generate a magnetic loop; ...

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