Zhang Jijun, Zheng Zhaohui: Session cache method based on binary balance tree. Shanghai Haijia Network Science &Amp Technology, chenhua wen, December 19, 2007: CN200610027658

A Session Cache method based on binary balance tree includes using front tree to store all nodes generated at former time slot and using back tree to store all nodes generated at later time slot, judging whether all nodes stored on said tree are expired or not by comparing ratio of said nodes settin ...

Zhang Jijun, Xiao Jiabo: Chip bearing apparatus. Lijing Semiconductor, taofeng bei houyu, June 13, 2007: CN200510129764

Being setup inside dry type etching reaction chamber, the disclosed device is in use for load bearing wafer. The device is at least composed of insulating disc, conductor component, and insulating ring. The insulating disc possesses groove, and bulge. The conductor component is placed in the groove, ...

Liu Zhong& 39, An, Zhang Jijun: High reliable touch screen and manufacturing technique. 55 Research Institute, China Electronics Science And Technology Group Co, xu dongtao, October 8, 2003: CN03112995

A reliable resistor analog touching screen and its process technology is that an electrode and lead-out wire of upper screen of the said touching screen and an electrode and a lead-out wire of a lower screen are mounted on the lower screen and a high temperature processing method is applied to incre ...

Jie Wanqi, Xu Yadong, Wang Tao, Liu Weihua, Yang Ge, Zhang Jijun: Vertical bridgman growth furnace and method of optimizing temperature field inside furnace. Northwestern Polytechnical University, huangyi xin, July 16, 2008: CN200710018783

The invention discloses a vertical Bridgman growth furnace. From the bottom up, the inside of an outer shell of the furnace is provided with a thermal insulating board, two groups of I type heating modules, a cooling fin, a group of II type heating modules, two groups of I-type heating modules and a ...

Ma Xiuqing, Wang Zhenhan, Yu Kaiyu, Yu Yanrui, Zhang Jijun, Zhu Bingyuan: Hydrochloric acid recycle process for manufacturing barium sulphate and magnesium at the same time. Taiyuan Polytechnic Univ, PANG JIANYING, October 15, 1986: CN85107743

Magnesium sulphat and barite are used as raw materials, being cheaper than using commercial barium sulphate. Barium sulphate satisfactory for pharmaceutical use is obtained. The problem of obtaining barium sulfate with high sulphur content and low whiteness is thus solved. Meanwhile, the problems of ...