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A food processor attachment assembly for a stand mixer includes a coupling hub adapted to be received in an attachment hub of the stand mixer. A gear housing includes a gearing mechanism disposed therein to translate an output drive from the attachment hub to the coupling hub to drive an output shaf ...

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A juicing system with a drive mechanism and a juicer assembly, where the juicer assembly includes a main housing defining a cavity. A lid encloses a top portion of the cavity and has an opening therethrough. An auger is disposed within the cavity and has a top portion and a bottom portion. The auger ...

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A blending appliance includes a housing with a jar receiving area defined between an upper housing and a support base. A blender jar includes a base portion and a receptacle portion, and is configured to be laterally received within the jar receiving area of the housing. A magnetic coupling system i ...






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A food processing device includes a dicing kit adapted to be received in a bowl which is coupled to a base. The dicing kit includes a dicing grid disposed within a frame which is coupled to a cover member having a rotating slicing tool disposed there between. The slicing tool is positively captured ...