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A projection apparatus is disclosed that can be used for projection TV and related applications. The apparatus comprises a light source, a projection optical system, a DMD with multiple micromirrors, and a controller for individually controlling the tilt of the micromirrors. The projection optical s ...

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An observation apparatus of the present comprises (i) a light source for generating light; (ii) a separating optical system which splits the light from the light source into two different polarized light beams; (iii) a condenser optical system which converges the two polarized light beams from the s ...

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A confocal laser scanning mode interferene contrast microscope comprises a laser source, an illuminating optical system for condensing a light beam from the laser source and forming a light spot on an object to be examined, a condensing optical system for condensing the light beam from the object to ...

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A sealing apparatus is provided with a sealing block and inductors embedded in the sealing block. Each of the inductors is partially exposed above the surface of the sealing block and is provided with a first pressing portion for pressing the packaging material. The sealing apparatus also includes c ...

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In a database, product image data is accumulated. A search portion acquires product image data having the image characteristics information that is the same as or similar to the image characteristics information that indicates the characteristics of the image of input image data from the database fo ...

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A gas laser oscillating unit comprises: an electric discharge tube 1 for generating an electric discharge which is to be used as a laser excitation source for laser gas flowing in one direction 17 between an anode 3 and a cathode 2 which are made of a metal material and located at both ends of the e ...

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An optical recording medium includes a substrate, first information for modulating a phase of read light radiated on the substrate, and second information for modulating an amplitude of the read light radiated on the substrate. The first information and the second information are arranged in paralle ...

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A minute step measuring method comprises forming a laser spot on an object by condensing light from a laser light source, condensing light beams from the object on an end face of a double-mode waveguide, branching light propagating in the double-mode waveguide into two channel waveguides, detecting ...

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A motor actuated buzzer includes a motor mounted on a body, at least one cam member fixedly mounted on an output shaft of the motor, a sound generating plate mounted on the body, and a hammer for striking the sound generating plate, the cam having a plurality of radial protrusions. At least one leaf ...

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Based on an oscillation ON/OFF signal and an output state instruction signal output to a high-voltage generating circuit (