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Moving platform intended to reproduce periodical movements along three axes (longitudinal, transverse, vertical) with a preferential direction (XX), the said platform (2) being carried via a baseplate (1) on the one hand, at one end (termed "rear") by means of at least one leg (3) coupled to a crank ...

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Method for analyzing the complex motions of a horse in motion, consisting in: a) placing on the horse (the saddle, for example), in actual movement, measurement means, (accelerometers, gyrometers, inertial unit) by means of which the speeds of linear motion are measured according to the three axes X ...

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992,611. Control of A.C. motors. COMMISSARIAT A L'ENERGIE ATOMIQUE. Feb. 18, 1963 [Feb. 16, 1962], No. 6433/63. Heading H2J. A stator phase winding 1A of a three phase reluctance motor is supplied from source 3 during time intervals depending on the conductive periods of semi-conductor controlled re ...