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A sound imaging system and method for generating multi-channel audio data from an audio/video signal having an audio component and a video component. The system comprises: a system for associating sound sources within the audio component to video objects within the video component of the audio/video ...

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A method and apparatus are disclosed for automatically learning and identifying events in image data using hierarchical HMMs to define and detect one or more events. The hierarchical HMMs include multiple paths that encompass variations of the same event. Hierarchical HMMs provide a framework for de ...

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A video surveillance system is integrated with an RFID tracking system. The calibration of the RFID tracking system is enhanced by using information provided by the video surveillance system. Optionally, the calibration of the video surveillance system may be enhanced by using information provided b ...

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A motion transform is implemented for calculating the motion field between two images. An optical flow calculator is configured for generating an image motion vector field by iteratively comparing a predicted image with a second image frame, the predicted image being produced based upon a first memo ...

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A computer-implemented method and apparatus for tracking an image object within successive first and second image frames. The first frame has a first contour model which defines the image object within the first frame. The first contour model has a global motion parameter which defines global motion ...

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A system and method provides for the automatic generation of a list of channels, stations, selections, etc., that are selected most often on a media presentation device by a user during a particular period of time.

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Linked zones define the temporal and spatial relationships among multiple zones of a surveillance area, and are used to model an object's disappearance from one zone, for potential reappearance at another zone. One or more zones are defined within each camera's field of view. Two zones are linked if ...

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A system and apparatus are disclosed for modeling patterns of behavior of humans or other animate objects and detecting a violation of a repetitive pattern of behavior. The behavior of one or more persons is observed over time and features of the behavior are recorded in a multi-dimensional space. O ...

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A system for white balancing images using facial color as a reference signal is provided. The system includes a face detector that is operable to receive a digital image and to detect a human face within the digital image. A skin tone extractor is operable to extract a skin tone from the digital ima ...

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A method and system is configured to characterize regions of an environment by the likelihoods of transition of a target from each region to another. The likelihoods of transition between regions is preferably used in combination with conventional object-tracking algorithms to determine the likeliho ...