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Ink jet recording paper comprising on a base sheet with a specific sizing degree a coating layer comprising a water-soluble polymeric binder and particular fine silica particles, wherein the sheet provides a superior aptitude for high speed recording with excellent optical density and improved clear ...

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The present invention prevents a decrease in efficiency due to energy circulation in a power transmission path in a power output apparatus having an engine and a motor as power source. In the power output apparatus, a planetary gear 120 has a sun gear shaft linked with a generator MG1, a ring gear s ...

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Vehicle-installed internal combustion engine control apparatus and method maintain a good operating condition of the internal combustion engine even if the opportunity of control learning is limited. To adjust the closed-state opening of a throttle valve, that is, opening of the throttle valve under ...

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A process of producing a ring-opening polymerization product of a norbornene derivative containing at least one polar group or aromatic group, a norbornadiene derivative containing at least one of said groups or a cycloolefin using a catalyst system prepared from an organometallic compound and the r ...

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An intra-concha type electroacoustic trasducer has an auxiliary supporter projecting in opposite direction to entrance part of external auditory meatus of the user's ear from a side of the transducer opposite to its sound-radiating side disposed to face the auditory meatus entrance. Reliable mountab ...

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A lever assembly holds a wiper strip, which directly wipes a wiping surface. The lever assembly includes a plurality of levers, which are connected together in tournament style. An axial length of the lever assembly is shorter than an axial length of the wiper strip. A cover member receives the leve ...

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A low-pressure mercury lamp is used as a reference light source, and stable reference light is produced by using 253.7 nm line emitted by the lamp in which 49% or more of specific isotopic mercury is sealed.

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A narrow band excimer laser and a wavelength detecting apparatus are suitable for use as a light source of a reduction projection aligner of a semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus. In the excimer laser, the ruling direction and the beam expanding direction of a prism beam expander are made s ...

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A delay time for delaying starting of an internal combustion engine in a hybrid vehicle is set to a predetermined time based on an engine coolant temperature and a state of an air conditioner switch. Starting of the engine is delayed for the predetermined time if it is determined that a vehicle can ...