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A stator includes first and second piezoelectric elements, a flexible aluminum-based connective arrangement and upper and lower aluminum-based metal blocks. The flexible aluminum-based connective arrangement includes first to fourth aluminum-based electrodes, which apply a voltage to the piezoelectr ...

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A light source package includes a light source, a lens for collimating the light from the light source, and a support member for supporting the light source and the lens so that the optical axis of the lens is set to a desired position relative to the light source. The support member includes a comp ...

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It is an exemplified object of the present invention to provide an optical unit that can easily and inexpensively align an optical axis of the lens and a beam from a light source during continuous operation, and to provide an electrophotographic recording device that has such an optical unit and the ...

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A rotatable rod includes a plurality of cylindrical center rods and a plurality of joints. Each joint connects between corresponding two of the plurality of center rods. Each of opposed ends of each center rod has at least one engaging projection, which projects from the end of the center rod in a d ...

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An image forming apparatus includes a plurality of light sources emitting beams of light, a photoconductor, a scanner for reflecting the beams of light emitted by the light sources to scan the photoconductor periodically, a light detector for receiving the beams of light from the scanner to determin ...


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A control apparatus controls an ultrasonic motor. The ultrasonic motor includes a stator, a piezoelectric element provided in the stator, and a rotor. The rotor is slidably pressed against the stator. When a driving high frequency voltage is applied to the piezoelectric element, the stator is vibrat ...

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An auxiliary mechanism for a seat belt apparatus includes a support portion and a guide portion. The support portion supports a webbing in a manner drawable to the front of a seat back. The support portion is movable between a storage position, which is near the seat back, and a projection position, ...

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The present invention aims at providing an optical unit, its manufacturing method, and electrophotographic device that can easily and inexpensively achieve a reliable latent image formation on a photosensitive drum, and can form a high-quality image. To realize the above aims, a lens barrel and a co ...

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The exposure apparatus is provided with: a substrate; plural light emitting elements that are arranged in a line on a first surface of the substrate; and a heating unit that heats the substrate from the first surface side.