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In a capacitor-mounted wiring board, a plurality of wiring layers each patterned in a required shape are stacked with insulating layers interposed therebetween and are connected to each other via conductors formed to pierce the insulating layers in the direction of thickness. A decoupling capacitor ...

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A wiring substrate is provided in which a common core member is used and the cost can be reduced. Diameters of the penetrating filled vias (18) are the same and not more than 300 .mu.m, and the penetrating filled vias (18) are formed on a core substrate (20) into a matrix-shape at regular intervals ...

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A multi-layer circuit board formed by laminating a plurality of circuit boards each having lands arranged in many number in the form of a lattice or in a staggering manner on the side of the mounting surface and having circuit patterns with the ends on one side thereof being connected to said lands ...

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An aluminum nitride circuit board included an aluminum nitride ceramic as an insulating material and a conductor circuit which is formed at least as an inner conductor and is made of at least one of gold, copper or silver.

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In a semiconductor device, via holes are formed around a chip buried in a package, and conductor layers are respectively formed to be connected to one end and another end of the conductor filled in the individual via hole. Portions (pad portions) of the conductor layers which correspond to the condu ...

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A sintered body, for manufacturing a ceramic substrate, on which a via can be formed with high positional accuracy and the substrate is not warped and further the productivity is high. The sintered body includes a pillar-shaped ceramic body and metallic wiring rods provided in the ceramic body in pa ...

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A lead frame includes a chip mount board, on which a semiconductor chip is to be mounted, and a lead frame body. The chip mount board is made of an electrically insulated substrate and conductive patterns are formed on said insulated substrate. The lead frame body includes a plurality of leads arran ...

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In an electronic parts packaging structure of the present invention constructed by stacking a plurality of sheet-like units in a thickness direction, each of the units includes a first insulating layer, wirings formed on one surface of the first insulating layer, a semiconductor chip (electronic par ...

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A multi-layer circuit board having a decreased number of circuit boards for mounting an electronic part that has connection electrodes arranged in the form of an area array, featuring a high yield and improved reliability. In the multi-layer circuit board, circuit patterns formed on a first circuit ...

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A hose 10 of the invention includes an outer hose member 12 composed of a rubber and an inner hose member 14 composed of a resin. A pair of projection ring elements 26 formed on opposite ends of the inner hose member 14 are received in a pair of inner circumferential grooves 24 formed in thick-walle ...