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Performance data and lyric data stored in an external storage device 35 is read out in accordance with the progression of a song. The performance data is sent to a tone generator 36, so that melody and accompaniment tones are reproduced by use of the performance data. The lyric data is sent to a dis ...

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A liquid crystal display device includes a display panel comprised of upper and lower transparent plates having a liquid crystal material sandwiched therebetween. A reflecting plate having a roughened upper surface is disposed beneath the lower transparent plate with the roughened surface facing the ...

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A musical tone information transmitting apparatus that can efficiently transmit musical tone information comprises: a device for inputting musical tone information; a plurality of processing units which jointly process the musical tone information from said input means in distributed processing; a p ...

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A communication device comprises reception means for receiving externally supplied first time information representing time, time information generation means for generating second time information representing time, time difference detection means for detecting a time difference between the times r ...

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Compositions of a mold release agent for casting are disclosed which are excellent in heat resistance and releasing effect, and contain an organopolysiloxane expressed by the following general formula (1) ##STR1## wherein R represents methyl group or phenyl group, R.sup.1 represents an alkyl group, ...

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A switching mechanism for an electronic timepiece including a winding shaft having a square portion, a cam member mounted on the square portion, and a spring having a slit. The cam member is disposed extending into the slip whereby movement of said winding shaft is restricted in the axial direction. ...

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An input module (30) notifies a module manager (21) of the output data format of the input module, and the module manager (21) generates a first data conversion module (31) based on the notification and joins the data conversion module to the end of a pipeline. The data conversion module (31) notifi ...

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This invention provides a digital electronic timepiece for displaying the minute and seconds displays by the common display portion, particularly, minute and seconds displays are alternately displayed by said common display portion.

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A sound processing apparatus communicates with a terminal apparatus through a communication network and includes a main storage device, and an auxiliary storage device that stores a management program and a sound processing program. A management element is implemented by making the management progra ...

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In a structure in which a sound processing apparatus generates processed data by executing sound processing on processing object data received from a terminal apparatus and transmits it to the terminal apparatus, the number of times of communication between the terminal apparatus and the sound proce ...