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An electrochemical measuring apparatus which essemtially comprises an asymmetric semipermeable membrane mounted on an immobilized enzyme membrane of an enzyme electrode, said asymmetric semipermeable membrane being essentially formed of a thin semipermeable layer exposed to the outside for contact w ...

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The disclosed distance measuring device is arranged to project light on an object. Reflected light from the object is received by a photo-electric converter to shift the position of a photo-taking lens to an in-focus position on the basis of a signal produced from the photo-electric converter. The p ...

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A MOS logic circuit includes: a pass-transistor logic circuit, including at least one first MOS transistor, for performing a predetermined logic operation to provide an output; and an amplifying circuit, including at least one second MOS transistor, for enhancing a driving capability of the output o ...

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A transparent coordinate input device can be used integrally with a display unit or overlap it and has a coordinate input panel (i.e., a transparent drawing pad). The input panel has a transparent insulating substrate, a flat transparent resistor film of a rectangular shape which is formed on the su ...

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An image processing apparatus for processing an input image and recording the image on a recording medium, and particularly a color copying apparatus which permits color copying of an original, and makes it possible to discriminate a specific original for the sake of prevention of forgery of a bankn ...

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The present invention provides an active matrix substrate having a built-in high-performance driver, in which a single crystal silicon thin film having high electron/hole mobility is uniformly deposited at a relatively low temperature, and an electrooptic device such as a thin film semiconductor dev ...

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A recording and reproducing apparatus having an ECC-less error correction function, includes an erasure detector generating an erasure flag indicating erasure of a read signal; and an iterative decoder having two soft-in/soft-out (SISO) decoders, i.e., an inner decoder and an outer decoder, and corr ...

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A digital matched filter has a serial-to-parallel conversion circuit that converts input data fed thereto in serial form into n sets of parallel data and a plurality of delay circuits that each output serial data fed thereto with a delay corresponding to n sets of data. The serial-to-parallel conver ...

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An image processing apparatus includes an image reading device for outputting image data, a RAM for generating a page description language representing a character, a graphic pattern, and the like, the page description language including a command which represents the image reading device, an interp ...

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A three-dimensional model is formed from information of two-dimensional drawings. Information representing section is formed from the two-dimensional drawing information. Geometrical and topological information is then extracted, and the three-dimensional model is thereby formed.