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In a temporal sequence of digitized image frames of video signals, the spatial and temporal image gradients and the pixel-to-pixel motion vectors (dense motion vectors) are obtained between two consecutive image frames. A shape-adaptive triangular patch mesh model overlay is provided on the first im ...

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Hardware resolution of a scanner is increased without improving the quality of the scanner's sensor array or imaging optics. A first low-resolution representation of an image is generated during a first scan and a second low-resolution representation of the image is generated during a second sc ...

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A method and system for object-based video retrieval and indexing include a configuration detection processor for deriving quantitative attribute information for video frames in a compressed video stream. The quantitative attribute information includes object data for a video frame, including the nu ...

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An imaging system includes a camera for capturing image frames, a frame pre-screen unit for pre-screening the captured image frames, a frame store unit for storing the pre-screened frames, and a refined frame mosaicing unit for generating a refined mosaic from the pre-screened image frames that are ...

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A system for detecting shot boundary in a compressed video data without decompression includes a difference detector that detects content difference between frames. When the difference detector determines that a first content difference between a current frame of the current group of frames and a pr ...

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A system is provided for that improves video quality and resolution. The system include a processor configured with logic to estimate an image from at least one observed image to produce an estimated image, the observed image having a lower spatial resolution than the estimated image. The processor ...

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Embodiments of a coding system and method are disclosed. One method embodiment includes determining a Cauchy-based probability density function fit to a statistical distribution of coefficients generated from a transformed image frame block that are to be quantized, and estimating rate and distortio ...

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Provided is an enhancement to the Video Encoder component of the MPEG standard to improve both the efficiency and quality of the video presentation at the display device.

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A method and apparatus for adjusting the contrast of an input image is disclosed. Brightness level data of the input image is filtered to obtain at least a low frequency component and a high frequency component. The high frequency component is amplified. The input image and the amplified high freque ...

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Distortion correction in an imaging system using parametric motion estimation. Parametric motion estimation is used to correct for geometric lens distortion and illumination changes. Models for geometric lens distortion and different illumination models are presented, as is a method for an iterative ...