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A micromachined, high Reynolds number, sub-millisecond liquid mixer for the study of chemical reaction kinetics. This bulk micromachined silicon mixer is capable of initiating and quenching chemical reactions in intervals as short as 100 .mu.s. The mixer chip contains two tee mixers connected by one ...

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A micromachined fluid handling device having improved properties. The valve is made of reinforced parylene. A heater heats a fluid to expand the fluid. The heater is formed on unsupported silicon nitride to reduce the power. The device can be used to form a valve or a pump. Another embodiment forms ...

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An implantable intraocular pressure sensor device for detecting excessive intraocular pressure above a predetermined threshold pressure is disclosed. The device includes a pressure switch that is sized and configured to be placed in an eye, wherein said pressure switch is activated when the intraocu ...

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A surface micromachined micromagnetic actuator is provided with a flap capable of achieving large deflections above 100 microns using magnetic force as the actuating force. The flap is coupled by one or more beams to a substrate and is cantilevered over the substrate. A Permalloy layer or a magnetic ...

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A micro-electromechanical relay ("micro-relay") designed to both miniaturize and improve upon present day electromechanical relays. The micromachining fabrication process used to make the micro-relay is based upon technology originally used by integrated circuit (IC) manufacturers. In simplest terms ...

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An apparatus for MEMS electrospray nozzle for mass spectroscopy formed with top and bottom of SiN, and a between layer of material. The material between the top and bottom forms a filter and also reduces the amount of dead space in the nozzle.

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A micromachined cell lysis device with electrodes that are spaced by less than 10 &mgr;m from one another. The cells are attracted to the space between the.electrodes and then lysed.

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A small, inexpensive, high quality electret formed by micro-machining technology on a support surface, and further including a small, inexpensive, high quality, self-powered electret sound transducer, preferably in the form of a microphone, formed by micro-machining technology. Each microphone is ma ...

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A micromachined multi-layered microbellows-style actuator capable of delivering larger deflections compared to a single layered flat membrane of comparable size. Anchor structures are disclosed that improve the strength of the microbellows membrane. A characterization apparatus is used to measure mi ...

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A biocompatible, mechanical, micromachined pressure sensor and methods of manufacturing such a pressure sensor are provided. The pressure sensor of the current invention includes a high-aspect-ratio curved-tube structure fabricated through a one-layer parylene process. The pressure sensor of the cur ...