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A kit, device and method for delivering an oxidizing agent onto and/or into the body are disclosed. Moreover, a dermal patch device, which delivers an oxidizing agent using iontophoresis and or electroosmosis onto and/or into the body is disclosed. Furthermore, use of a dermal patch device for treat ...

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An apparatus for treatment of fecal incontinence comprises at least one electrode placed in contact with a pelvic muscle of a patient and a control unit that is coupled to the electrode. The at least one electrode comprises a flexible intra-muscular electrode that conducts electromyographic (EMG) si ...

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Apparatus is provided including an element shaped so as to define at least one surface. The element is adapted to be implanted in an ascending aorta of a subject in a vicinity of an aortic valve, and, during systole, to store, as potential energy, work applied to the surface by blood of the subject ...

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An intraocular lens implant particularly suitable for use by patients suffering from tunnel vision, the implant includes a sealed implant housing associated with mounting haptics and defining a forward end and a rearward end, at least one negative lens arranged adjacent the forward end and at least ...

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An artificial vision system including a sealed capsule adapted for intraocular placement upstream of a retina, an electronic display located within the sealed capsule and focusing optics located within the sealed capsule and arranged for focusing an image on the electronic display onto the retina.

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Apparatus for application to a subject is provided, including an elongated support element having a length of between 1.8 cm and 4 cm, and having proximal and distal ends; and one or more electrodes fixed to the support element in a vicinity of the distal end thereof, and adapted to apply an electri ...

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Apparatus is provided including first and second chambers, adapted to be in fluid communication with first and second volumes of oxygenated blood of a subject, respectively, the first and second chambers having first and second surfaces, respectively. A third surface is adapted to apply an elastical ...

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Apparatus is provided, including a tissue-adjusting member configured to be coupled to tissue of a patient, a rotatable structure that is configured to adjust a tension of the tissue-adjusting member, a tissue anchor coupled to the tissue-adjusting member and configured to screw into the tissue of t ...

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Apparatus is provided, including an external device, including a mount, which is placed in front of an eye of a subject. A laser is coupled to the mount and configured to emit toward the eye radiation that is outside of 380-750 nm. A partially-transparent mirror is coupled to the mount. An intraocul ...

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The invention is generally directed to a kit and patch for transdermal or intradermal delivery of at least one substance into the skin. The kit includes a dermal patch having an electrochemical cell with two electrodes and a retainer for retaining a conductive fluid which further includes an active ...