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Electroless plating of very thin metal films, such as copper, is accomplished with a spray processor. Atomized droplets or a continuous stream of an electroless plating solution are sprayed on a substrate. The electroless plating solution may be prepared by mixing a reducing solution and a metal sto ...

Yosi Shacham Diamand, Valery M Dubin, Chiu H Ting, Bin Zhao, Prahalad K Vasudev: Electroless deposition equipment or apparatus and method of performing electroless deposition. Cornell Research Foundation, Sematech, Intel Corporation, November 3, 1998: US05830805 (181 worldwide citation)

An electroless deposition apparatus and a method of electroless deposition that uses a single process chamber for performing multiple processes by moving through the process chamber a variety of fluids one at a time in a sequential order.

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Materials and methods are described for electroless deposition of cobalt phosphorus and cobalt tungsten phosphorus, employing tungsten trioxide or tungsten phosphoric acid as a source of tungsten.

Judith Rishpon, Rachela Popovtzer, Yosi Shacham Diamand, Tova Neufeld, Sefi Vernick: Electrochemical methods of detecting colon cancer cells and use of same for diagnosing and monitoring treatment of the disease. Ramot at Tel Aviv University, September 18, 2012: US08268577 (2 worldwide citation)

A method of detecting cancer cells is disclosed. The method comprises (a) contacting the cell with a substrate for an enzyme under conditions wherein the enzyme catalyzes a reaction of the cell with the substrate, so as to generate a product capable of producing an electrical signal; and (b) measuri ...

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An angular rate sensor device is presented. The sensor device comprises a disk-shaped structure having a proof mass region and a flexible portion. The disk-like structure is coupled to a substrate in a manner enabling a wave type precession motion such that during the wave type precession motion eac ...

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A system for analyzing a liquid is provided. The system comprises: an electrochemical unit having an electrochemical microchamber for receiving a sample of the liquid and electrochemically analyzing the sample; and a microfluidic unit being attached to the electrochemical unit and having microchanne ...

Yosi Shacham Diamand, Heftsi Ragones, Amihay Freeman, David Schreiber: Placeable sensor and method of using same. Ramot at Tel Aviv University, July 10, 2018: US10016154

A sensor system is disclosed. The system comprises: a solid substrate having a front side and a back side, a sensing assembly formed on the front side and being configured to provide electrochemical sensing, a plurality of electrical contacts, formed on the back side and being in electrical communic ...

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Silver-coated proteins, being dissolvable or suspendable in aqueous media and/or retaining a biological activity of the protein and a process for preparing same are disclosed. Further disclosed are modified proteins which have a reducing moiety attached to the surface thereof and a process for prepa ...

Judith Rishpon, Rachela Popovtzer, Yosi Shacham Diamand, Tova Neufeld, Sefi Vernick: Electrochemical methods of detecting cancer with 4-aminophenyl phosphate. Ramot at Tel Aviv University, September 10, 2013: US08530179

A method of detecting cancer cells is disclosed. The method comprises (a) contacting the cell which is suspicious of a cancerous or undifferentiated phenotype with 4-aminophenyl phosphate (p-APP) under conditions wherein alkaline phosphatase of the cell catalyzes a reaction of the cell with the p-AP ...

Arthur Rabner, Yosi Shacham Diamand, Mark Oksman: Method and device for detecting weak optical signals. Ramot at Tel Aviv University, February 7, 2012: US08110788

An optical detection device is disclosed. The device comprises a photoelectric unit, configured to sense incoming photons and to produce electrical signals pertaining to at least a few of the photons within a plurality of temporally resolved time-windows; an analog-to-digital unit, configured to gen ...